If you're feeling generous, you can choose to donate some funds to keep this blog alive, or send some silly lovely simple gifts over... I'm obsessed with just about anything: cosmetics, accessories, glasses, tops, dresses, bags, cute/unique finds... or just about anything!!! Well... if you feel like it... you may be able to message me at: andrea@andreakz.com


or this:

Some a necessity, others are solely, for the love of fashion and impulsive buying!

Items are also considered my Christmas and Birthday wishlist, so if you're generous enough, I don't mind getting wondrous, extravagant, or the simplest gift you can send me... why not?! *Giggly*

* New Laptop for 2014: ACER ASPIRE S7-392! (Haswell)

My ultimate wish right now is this powerful, sleek, sexy, and light!!!! ultrabook.  I've always been known to research and obsess on things before actually purchasing it.  This laptop is a little over my budget but I'm really going to save up and have this.  It's really powerful! Good enough for the requirements I need for work.  It's light so I won't be stressed all the time having to bring my laptop to seminars, presentations, or simply working outside when I want to.  Yeah, I'm obsessed.  I want this!!!  Work harder? I'll have you soon.

Unique Accessories:  I'm crazy about unique accessories.  Gypsy style... american indian inspired.  Trendy ones... anything that you don't always see in malls.  Up coming trends... CUTE TRINKETS... vintage accessories... I just love these mini treasures.  Give me one and I'm all afloat!

Lipstick / Makeup: I'm going gaga over red lipsticks actually.  And I wanna try on a few everyday makeup looks.  Been obsessed dressing up so feel free to send a few to try and review.  I don't mind at all. ^_^

* All in One Camera (DSLR like/HD Video Recorder) - Canon PowerShot G12: Because more than my wannabe photographer dream, I also like taking video clips, and who knows, someday I'd have a documentary of whatever interests me.  But more than that, I want to document the important details of my life... my baby growing up... and everything that I wanna share to the whole world.
My Dream Point and Shoot / Video recorder

If that one above is a little too expensive, I could do (for now) with this little baby:

* Samsung PL20 : 14.48 megapixels, a couple of auto settings for a professional look on photos, and best of all... 720p HD video recording... not bad for something so small!

Samsung PL20, why not?!

Update: One down from my wishlist, my hubby just bought one for me.. his lovely pasalubong in red/maroon color..  I'm just sooooo happy!

* Colorful Flats: With a baby always with me, I need cute and comfortable shoes... these flats are just perfect for everyday or even cocktail events.  If there's like, printed, graphics ones, or with patterns??? That would just be soooooo great!
Colorful Ballet Flats
I don't mind pointy ones too...

* HARDBOUND JOURNALS: I just saw this awhile ago and just fell inlove with it... actually, I have been in search of something remotely similar and I so am overwhelmed finding this... too bad I can't afford it as of the moment!!! Argh!!!

Any one of these please???


Alinsina Handbound Books
~I'm writing more about this in a separate post! ^_^  ~Got one for myself and my hubby.. We love it!!!


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