Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Personalized Christmas Gifts

here are a few pictures of my offered products:
(more to follow)

Freight not included, bulk orders are privileged with discounts.

if interested, simply email or ym me at: andrea_karlsan[at]yahoo.com
or you can also direct message me in twitter. Leave a message here, etc.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On Preparation: Typhoon Mina

Let's cancel the business talk first and focus on the latest happening here in Legazpi currently preparing for the coming Typhoon Mina. As early as yesterday, thousands of families have evacuated for safer grounds. Classes were suspended up to tomorrow to give way to the needed safety measures everyone has to do. It's actually a bit funny when night came today as we realized the main roads were so dark. At first we were annoyed. How could you move around the city without lights? Ahhh... the expensive bulbs of the lamp posts were taken off in fear that it would break when the typhoon hits. Very clever.

In reality, as the news of the typhoon's brewing progress continues, everyone is in panic every where you turn here in Albay. Panic buying of groceries which includes lighters, candles, instant noodles, canned foods, rice, water supply and all that was inevitable. These also include charging cellphone batteries and emergency lights. Lucky malls and stores, eah? You'd see men hammering roofs, fixing holes, and putting tarps on as much hope to cover up the entire house against the expected effects of the storm.

I for one along with my family wrapped everything from clothes, to appliances and as much stuffs needed to save inside our home with plastic. These will ensure that if ever the roof fails or the water rises, we won't be worrying too much on drying off the clothes that would keep us warm and prevent damages that could result from what's to happen.

These preparation and exaggerated actions are results of the paranoia from what we've experienced last year from the typhoon Reming. For now, we are all somewhat prepared and are all tuned in to the AM radio for the latest news awaiting the worst. May God bless us all.

"No storm lasts forever, even in our lives." I just hope this typhoon passes without casualties.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Business Only: For Your Christmas Gifts

I was about to do a sponsored post when I realized what for when I could actually offer my own services here?! silly me. Oh well, Christmas is definitely coming nearer and gifts are but everyone's usual obligation. hehe... I can help you with that... if you need some ideas or probably the gifts itself.

Our family business offers personalized products: Pictures or personal messages on mugs, mouse pads, shirts, pendants, pin buttons, bag tags, wall clocks and key chains. Whatever you wish. I'll try and place some photo samples here so you'd see what I'm talking about. You can order a single product but know that discounts are given on bulk orders. Shipping of course is not included and will be charged on you.

So, leave me a message if you're interested. Contact me on my yahoo messenger for inquiries and all that, ayt?

YM: andrea_karlsan

Monday, November 5, 2007

Excuse me, How Much?

Daily expenses as it is sucks big time on its own as we know it... but the worst part would be is when you realize even your whole life lives in a balance of debits. Redundant? I think not. Naturally when you buy something, say a cellphone or an mp4 and your younger brother accidentally drops it you scream, "What the hell?! That's worth P*,***.00! You little devil!"

That's where it hit me. How much is it really living in this world?

First you get the annoying blames of worthless loads from useless communication issues that never really got me anywhere as far as it was described. Now my life depends and runs on a P***,***.00 worth of new tools for the business. Top it all up with no money from my account, nothing I was able to buy for myself and what do you get??? A meaningless life driven by debits. Great isn't it?

But of course it wasn't my idea. They say the stuffs bought were all part of what would push me. Put me in focus. So I guess they see me as what? You cannot say its priceless coz obviously its "price-full?" if only there's such a word.

Well, that's how life is with me lately. Every where you turn you see price tags on everything. Hmm... imagine seeing people with slapped on priced stickers on their forehead. Wouldn't that be amazing? Anyways, now I've got to go. You know, can't handle an hour more on the net. Meter is running and would be worth P**.00 or something. (the last line of course is just some spice since I'm not really in an internet cafe... but I think you get what I mean.)



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