Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What the world is coming into?! 2nd Strike

Again i am faced with a dilemma in the drama of life that left me saying "the world sucks" for the nth time now that brought me to write up a second strike on the things that makes me say my newest expression:
  • Honasan, Trillanes and the likes running for the coming election. This may not be the latest news, but still it kept me wondering. Aren't these people supposed to be in prison (or is actually there right now?) to even have the right to still run for politics?
  • Actors and Actresses and other nuisance candidates. Similar thought: what's their goal in this? An added publicity?
  • Silly Advertisements for Campaigns. Oh come on! I know you've all heard about how annoying their styles are to create a head turning death crazy ideas to fool people into voting for them. Do you actually think that making fun of your name to make it look like a vegetation scheme for agriculture and such will work? (Pichay to Pechay?) Another version of sorry trailer from the dancing queen (if you call that genuine dance) to a drama crying lady asking for forgiveness obviously sounds ridiculous right now. Especially the idea that if she really wanted to apologize for what she did, she should have done it then and there, not now when publicity makes more sense than sincere apology. Honestly all these gets into my nerves.
  • "Hostage Taking" Jun Ducat's part two of expressing his demands to uplift the poor and turn eyes to the masses that needs support. I'm not arguing with his principle, but the means to do it left me hanging.

Now to state my piece: With how the world becomes a circus when election time comes to hand i am bound into circumstances that left me wondering what sort of requirements the Comelec or the government itself has for those who are interested in running. If people from prison or sort are allowed to run, if persons who has not finished law or even high school are permitted to participate, what then are the standards of the righteous for the position? You say the mere principle and their platform is their greatest asset, where then is this so called piece in their advertisements? Not one of them makes sense on what they are after if ever they are elected. They're making us look like idiots and kids being driven to vote for them out of comedy and fun filled publicity? Isn't there anybody around who's actually serious about his will for this?

With these thoughts its no wonder that for the second time this guy comes to the center of the attention, hostages kindergarten kids to voice out some sense on the big guys up there wasting our country's budget on their pathetic campaign. But must it come to this? Where violence is the only scheme we could think about?

Imagine... these people came here to Legazpi to attract voters but did they actually tender on the needs of those who are presently living in evacuation centers up to now? All of them are busy campaigning disregarding the real matters in our country. How about using these advertisement funds for the benefit of the needy instead? We all have seen it and have asked the same thing, observed the same flaws but none of us are ever heard.

It's actually becoming hopeless. Truly frustrating, but the selfish act of those that wants power still wins over. What will happen to us then?

The world is a maze, driven by wildfire ambisions of gaining power. If immortality is real, then we could have had hundreds of Gods by now. This is what the world is coming into for me today.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Confessions on You Tube

guys... i know this is supposed to be confidential, but i want the public to kn0w... i have to get this of my chest. although, after this confession, please try not to bother me about asking for pictures or autographs okay? i would appreciate it if you don't stalk me just to get to my brother. why my brother you ask? (oh my God, im sorry bro but i have to tell the really sorry...) i guess having a life where you always fear that someone would just come after you because their looking for your brother has got into my nerves... im tired of it... i don't deserve this kind of life. yeah i admit he had helped those who needs his help, and he's great on it... but what about me? what about my family? we can't keep the secret anymore. so now...
i'll tell everyone... i'll say it all out... im gonna tell you all... that my brother... (no, he's not a pig for goodness sake! that's an overused line!)
my brother... (im really sorry bro...) my brother... he's... he's...
there... i said it! he is! (don't you go laughing at me, im serious!) you don't know how hard it is to live with a super hero... it's so damn hard.
if you don't believe me... then i dare you... come and see what my brother is up to!

"get the code here"


This Spiderman 3 teaser with my brother (Alekz Zapanta) playing the role of Spiderman is a project of his boardmate who is a higher student (RJay Morada) in the school that he goes to (Ateneo de Naga University). Being in a Digital Animation course, they are required to compose miniclips like this one. Soon i'll post my own brother's project. Anyway, this teaser is done with the help of the After Effects program, Maya 3D Animation for backgrounds and stuffs, a black bonet, black sweater, coupon bond cut to look like Spiderman's logo, and a few other props i need not mention.)

Hope you had fun watching as much as i did!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Men, can't live with them, can't live without them

and i thought women are confusing! whew... the title caught my sight in an instant, "Are women too aggressive?" sometimes in my own relationship i often get that reaction. things that states women are too insecure with their partner, or they don't trust them well enough to be holding on too tight or being so demanding. face it, women are born and made to depend on their man. that's just plain truth. but when i read this my only reaction was: "honestly, i really thought we women are confusing?" (oh yeah i've said that, right?) oh well! this entry is not against every man out there, nor am i targetting anyone in particular. i just feel like wanting to be understood the same way this case study, or survey, or whatever this is means to interpret what guys, men of all ages in a relationship wants from their mate.

When does assertiveness change from a deal-maker to a deal-breaker?

Relationship Point: The Approach

Guys' Take: Women Aren't Aggressive Enough

For a long time, men have upheld the role of the hunters. Women? The rejectors. Doesn't matter whether that initial approach happens at a bar, a bookstore, a coffee shop, or at the drive-thru intercom, guys who have spent their lives dreaming up opening lines and innovative approaches feel like decade-old carpets-they're just plain worn down. The ultimate rejuvenator: A woman who's unafraid to hunt the hunter.

Relationship Point: The Link

Guys' Take: Women Can Be Too Aggressive

When it comes to new relationships, some women can have the same strategy as food marketers: They want to slap labels on everything. Exclusive! Just Dating! Friends Only! 100% Completely Committed! Lots of guys don't mind the status, and they're fine with the natural progression of dating. But guys also hate premature enunciation-a declaration of the label too early in the relationship. Pushing too hard early can quickly turn his excitement about the relationship into an indictment of it.

Relationship Point: The Hook Up

Guys' Take: Women Aren't Aggressive Enough

Men certainly have long lists when it comes to their bedroom wants: a little more of
this, a lot more of that, fat-free whipped cream please. But if there's one thing that men really crave in the bedroom, it's not a certain position, or even a certain act. It's a certain attitude. What many men want when it comes to sex is for women to show a little more assertion, aggression, and initiation. In the aforementioned national survey, only 25 percent of men rate their current partners as an 8 or higher on a 1-10 scale of sexual aggressiveness, while 60 percent of men say that's the level they'd like her to be. Many guys feel that if his mate is confident in the bedroom, he's more likely to stick with her beyond the bedroom walls.

Relationship Point: The Plateau

Guys' Take: Women Can Be Too Aggressive

Every long-term relationship reaches the point when the routines, the dialogue, the sex, the everything can feel more predictable than a Paula Abdul critique. But that doesn't mean the relationship's bad; it just means it's steady. While 92 percent of men say they want to marry, that doesn't always happen. Why? For one reason, men sometimes feel like, if the relationship is a car trip, they've been kicked out of the driver's seat and thrown in the trunk. Most guys want to have a say in the speed and direction the relationship is going, and the minute they sense that women are grabbing the wheel-as opposed to sharing the driving responsibility-then they feel lost. Case in point: in the survey for Men, Love & Sex, the number-one thing that men said bothered them about their partners was how much they nagged. When a woman applies a lot of pressure on a guy-whether it's to fix his bad habits or convince him to have babies-it simply feels suffocating.

Relationship Point: At the Crossroads

Guys' Take: Women Tend to be Just Right

Some relationships work out perfectly: boy meets, dates, and marries girl. Some relationships work perfectly imperfectly: boy meets, dates, and dumps girl (or is dumped by girl). But lots of relationships fall into the limbo category where neither partner knows whether the relationship elevator is going up or down. In those cases, the woman often forces the man's hand: Are you in, or out? For which, we thank you: Sometimes a guy needs that kick to get him moving-either down the aisle, or down the road.

Okay, points taken, well defined. but this brings me to asking: doesn't this explanation all ends to one real dot? the PRIDE dot. I mean come on! let's defend ourselves pretty young ladies out there. As much as they wanna be understood, so must we.

Reaction to the enumerated points: So what happens is that, men wants women who are aggressive enough to approach them, and a whore on bed. I've heard about that quite often. But when it comes to the relationship at hand, men wants to be the one to always have a say to it. Women aren't suppose to be pushy and all that because that might cause them to leave us. That's how i understand it. If you become too submissive, it's not right either. Women are suppose to be "just right". (not too hot, not too cold? just like my coffee.)

I guess the bottom line is: Ladies, be tough enough to give them what they want, and make sure that you don't exceed to the boss' lines because then you'll be a nagger or they'll loose their respect or belief in themselves and you wouldn't want that because they'll be running away for good? is that it?

im probably exaggerating. let's balance this up, shall we?

Man or woman must have their fair share in a relationship. although every woman can be too tight, or too demanding, guys that's just the natural way of showing you that they need you and want you in their life, and whatever it is that's causing them to act that way has got something to do with what you're doing as well. Basic reaction in other words. Somehow you should understand that a lady can be inclined to seek for that security. All they wanna know is if you really treasure them, and love them as much as you say you do. Plain and simple. If at some point you think they're overpowering you, think again. They're only doing that to challenge you to get your self back up to where you really belong. They can't really stand being ahead of you, they just want you to do something for you to be the boss again. (but don't let that blow your head off!)

To the ladies, don't be too harsh, and don't jump into conclusions. you only have to say it once, but with complete and spoon fed information that they will instantly understand. express it naturally and don't give them puzzles. i know, a woman's basis on how much a guy loves them is the idea that they can read your actions or your mind without asking. sadly, they're not born psychics. it would be best if you tell them exactly what you think and want. but don't nag. give it sometime before you ask again, and if its possible, appreciate the little changes or efforts that they're trying to do for you. yes, im pretty sure there are efforts, so don't be too blind to see them. don't expect them to give you what you want in an instant. it takes time to sink in.

Either gender can be like a baby sometimes. You need to nurture and pamper each other at some point, and in other times you have to be strict and tough. It's a part for a relationship to grow. That's just the way it is. It doesn't sound too simple, but then again, nothing is as easy as a piece of cake. But if both of you are willing, then you'll be able to achieve something and hope everything will work out the way you both want it to be.

Patience is a virtue. : )

oh... plus, plus: Ladies' if you wanna know more about what makes a man decide which one stays and which doesn't, i think you'll love to read this: What Makes Men Fall In Love? (for the serious relationship seekers). Honestly when i read it? I couldn't agree less... it was how'd you put it? ah... BullsEye! ; )

Monday, March 19, 2007

see who's moving...

guys, im sorry but me and myself is not working out so well together... i want this blog to be more informative and uplifting. so all rants from the brat and my negative side will now move to my other blog: Coffee Break Rants.
if you are looking for my love rants and all that, i've already moved it there. i apologize if i couldn't move your comments as well.
entries moved:
my other blog is just a reflection of this blog but of different view which is more connected to my confusing thoughts. drop by sometimes and drop a message. thanks! : )
i pasted my blogroll of friends there, so if its okay, please add it on your blogroll as well? you can put jadiebrat instead of andianka... thank you very much.

Friday, March 16, 2007


be not deceived of what i've said about love. it's just one of those moments where love drives you crazy. im in a relationship that feels like im on a rollercoaster ride. but that's just what love truly is right? a ride where you go way up, then so down low... it can make you sick to your stomach but in the end you're to say, "damn, that was one hell of a ride! let's do it again!"
yup... im mad... madly in love. like what the hitch movie said: "i'd rather be miserable. if that's to show that im in love. love makes you jump off and hope to God someone catches you. when you're inlove they tend to make you believe that you can fly." (note: not exact line)
but here's the question: "will you still love me tomorrow?" from click.
hmmm... yes guys, im in love... shit in love... hell in love... im not giving up.
i long to give that unconditional love. (God like?! yeah, i wish.)
here's one more theory about love:
for the Harry Potter aficionados out there. "Love is like a bag of Bertie Botts Jelly Beans." with all the flavors you can imagine... from the best yummy ones, to the nastiest yucky icky ewww... whatever. the point is... it's all in one bag.
in other words, sometimes its as sweet as strawberry flavored syrup, and at other times... (let my friend finish the sentence for you...)
"Alas, earwax!" - Albus Dumbledore.
*oh... and the disclaimer: it's not about the trial and error, then move on that i'm after for. it's overcoming the error through every trial. that's what true love in the real world is about. :D*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tag! You're IT!

i have a pile of thoughts that i wanna jot down in here, but im too busy with (oh sh*t i forgot what)... stuffs. hahahha! i've been reading this survey of some sort from everyone else's blogs. who would have thought that i'll be a victim to this chain tag entry whatchamacallit!

Arianne tagged me so now im asked to list down 10 weird things about myself...

im weird in nature so im lost about the real meaning of weirdness. damn, this is hard!

1. i have a whole month cycle of mood: foodtrip week. badtrip week. emotional week. pretty week. there are four weeks in a month right? well, that's it. each week varies though they don't always go in that order. the deal is, one week i feel like craving for different kind of foods, the next week i can be annoyed very easily, then there's the cry over simple stuffs whether happy or sad (even commercials!), and lastly the week where i feel so blooming and pretty. these mood are interchangeable every month.

2. my eyes can make anyone admit guilt. in the middle of the conversation the person talking to me would say, stop giving me that look, you're making me feel guilty. i don't know why. maybe its because of the way i stare or something. whatever it is, i honestly don't know.

3. im a surprise pooper. everyone whom i know so well finds it hard to suprise me because i tend to discover it before they could initiate it. and usually i happen to do this unintentionally.

4. i can shift from a happy&jolly, to a mad and don't talk to me, then back to happy&jolly in less than an hour without prior cause. that's basically the whole explanation. happens when my insanity is on cue.

5. i put cold water in my coffee. i know this isn't that weird, but coffee is meant to be hot. but me? i'm goldilocks when it comes to that. i put half a cup of hot water and fill it up with cold water. (not too hot, not too cold).

6. i can drink coffee before going to sleep. in other words, coffee doesn't work on me. (hmm...maybe the cold water's got something to do with it..what do you think?)

7. i dress up during halloween, even if we're not asked to do so. see reason on the next number.

8. i'm a witch. tried studying and practiced wicca for quite sometime, but discontinued it. however, i stucked with a couple of rituals and routines that im not going to mention here. *devilish grin*

9. i hate pressure, but i love cramming. i don't like being pressured but it's also the reason why i get to perform well. cramming gives me the rush (literally), so i feel very hyper, active and super busy. i love it!

10. whenever i go to a wake. i always dream of the dead person. and take note: i dream of the same setting always. the dead person rises up from the coffin, starts walking. everyone else's run. i want to run too but couldn't move my feet. so i end up talking to that person instead. this happens too when i watch horror movies. sadly i have not talked to samara yet. haha!
well, what do you know?! i was able to think of ten. nice!
so this time, im tagging glenna, non, and rus.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I did, i did! I did get the Golden Ribbon!

I wanted to make this a formal speech, but then again I'm just too excited. Oh well, finally for this week, I won Mr. Talksmart's Filipino Blog of the Week scheme. I had lots of fun and it was a close fight with my friendly competitors. haha! I really enjoyed this... especially the idea that proved my profile, "demands do get you somewhere." (To every one in my blogroll that i nagged and asked to vote, Thank you so much!)

Speaking of, the tension on breaking the tie the night of the proclamation: i would like to thank pandora: and vonep: . my last two votes!

Again, I'm very much delighted and this is one of the best welcome experience i'll never forget. You all became the best virtual friends that i enjoy sharing my life's pages with. Hopefully in some way, we'll all have time to meet personally. Let's continue the love in the blogosphere peeps!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my frequent voters from the blogroll! (to avoid missing out on anyone i won't do the list anymore, you all know who you are! lots of thanks!)

Of course, special thanks to my personal avid readers and the closest to my heart:

*Habibi: i know you're not allowed to use the net at work, but you tried to vote everyday anyway. thanks a lot, my love! I love you so much!

*Lestath: my newest fan! oh i know you love my posts that's why you're voting. nyhaahah! (kapal ko?) Salamat po!

*BBdoyz (lestath' sis): even though you're just using 'voting for me' as an excuse to be able to check your friendster, thanks na din...haha! love you best! : )

*Babeekoy: Thanks for voting amidst your hectic sched.
and of course, to the newest member of the blog world who gave some effort in campaigning for my blog in his entry, my dear brother, joshjasz! Thanks!

(to know more about these innovative competition, visit the Outbursts of a Composed Gentleman's site or click on the Golden Ribbon Award above.)

Thank you all again! You can continue supporting my blog if you're still interested, i'm still in the options for this week... Adios for now! God Bless!

Commentator speaks:

"Andianka's Wait, Who Said That?! would like to thank the following sponsors:
- her hands and feet for her hair and makeup.
- relief clothes for her wardrobe.
- blogspot for the homepage
- her brain for the stories and entries

and most of all... her alterego!"

Friday, March 9, 2007

Kids Nowadays...

Talk about the growth of technology, the hi-tech civilization makes a leap in our generation today. when i was young i used to have a little notebook titled "my diary" and write stuffs in it which i don't wanna mention anymore because whenever i read it makes me feel so childish and ask myself, why ever did i have a crush on that kid again? silly memories. anyway, during those times i know i usually make sure that no one else could read it. i keep it under my bed, inside my drawer, under a pile of clothes where no one would (i hoped) find it.
well i guess the new era changed even the views and life styles of the kids in our time. whoa! i sound like im that old. shocks! you're probably wondering what i'm talking about. a few days ago my brother saw me busy with my blog and was very intrigued about me having a site (yeah site) of my own. i explained to him the idea and guess what?!

he created one as well... so i'm featuring him in my entry today:

guys, this is my brother. he's ten years old and he's got his blog up for everyone to enjoy. show some love and help me in welcoming him in the bloggers' world... drop by, visit, tag, and read "the view of life from a 10 Year Old Boy."

this is his blog: "I'm 10 Years Old!"

my God! aren't you lucky? i'm the one nominated to be featured and you already managed to get one! haha!

Welcome to the blogosphere li'l bro! Keep blogging! : )

Meet me and myself... : )

i have that artistic bliss... talk about getting married to an artist. *wake up girl you're daydreaming again!* What?! it's not like that's impossible! I am truly inlove and getting married *sure, but have you realized you're going off the topic?* Oh right, sorry about that...

Guys, meet my dual personality. Wasn't it obvious with my name? andianka/jadiebrat!

Here's a little intro:

*andianka* this my woman side. the one that's balancing everything out. you talk to her and all you get are serious stuff. straight faced with the chin up, makes this girl quite sophisticated and looking smart too.

*jadiebrat* well, she woudn't be called a brat if she isn't one. she's the little kid inside me. she's not all that bad you know! she's the happy go lucky type of kid. she finds fun in everything, and i mean everything. she laughs a lot. but beware. in this body she's the one holding all the extreme emotion. yup... from happy thoughts to heartbreaks, it's all in her. so when she starts asking for attention, give or suffer the tantrums.

however, these two personas always *well actually most of the time* contradicts each other in one way or another. not that andianka is always right, and jadiebrat is always wrong being the kid and all... it circles around you know.

funny thing too: i usually catch myself talking to myself. luckily i do not do that mumble a murmur thingy in public. they just might throw me in the loony. well, that's where i got my title anyway, coz i usually end up asking, "wait, who said that?!" oh right... the other me. nyahahha!

and being a Libra girl gives you that scale idea of balance. oh its hard to be me sometimes, but i wouldn't trade me for another body or personality.

anyways, im supposed to write a review for a depressing artist with a pitch black theme of painting and he wants me to make it sound hopeful... got any ideas people? i need deep words for this one, and a typical pattern on how to deliver a good artistic review. i consider the blogging world very creative so i know you'll all be a great help.

next time i'll tell you about my roles in the society im living in. hehehe...

ciao for now! : )

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Life As A Webpage?

I had the weirdest dream last night. Thanks to my internet addiction it stayed with me until I was fast asleep and dreaming. I guess I gave away what my story is about with my entry’s title. Yup…it’s as silly as that. In my dream I saw myself as a webpage. Okay, maybe not “myself” because I still saw myself in front of the computer browsing over my life’s webpage. Oh, that’s right, my life! It was my Life that had a webpage. But it was no ordinary webpage because here you have no control over it. You don’t get to choose what to put in it because it automatically updates its contents every damn minute with whatever happens in your life. The worst part is, it’s open for public viewing.

Here’s another catch: it had a blogroll of friends, links to where you always go, pictures or snapshots of memories, and get a load on this, YouTube videos of precious and not so great events in your life are just a click away. Imagine that! Anyone can just point their mouse over it, click and voila! You’re most embarrassing video is on live!

I was so grateful I woke up and realized I still have control over what I’m supposed to write and let public. I get to keep secrets and stay private as far as I want to… but then I realized: Our life is very much similar to a blog. We get a blogroll of the circle of people we want to include, some we just happened to bump into, and some we had to put in and live with. We get comments every now and then, good and negative, we have no control over whatever they say… but moderation is still an option. We get tags, smilies, and greetings from strangers, friends, neighbors, relatives, and many more. It’s a natural thing.

But, this is a point to keep. Although we are the ones writing our entries, there really is a real life blog that we all have to fulfill. And any Christian would agree with me, that there’s a Webmaster up there looking over us, and indexing our every day life down here. My dream was scary and intriguing, but what do you know? I enjoyed it, and it didn’t stop me from blogging yet again.

Till next time! Keep on blogging!
: )

Sunday, March 4, 2007

im being watched...

talk about simple blessings i wanna share some of the incidents that brought me into thinking: "am i being watched?"
  1. "Rainy day" - im the type of girl who never brings an umbrella no matter how bad the weather is. HONEST. i don't know, im just too lazy to do so. anyway, i was on my way to a friends house. coming out from my own humble abode, rain started falling and i quickly paced to the jeepney stop. a jeepney instantly pulled over. went in and as i was wiping off the little droplets over me the jeepney driver looked through his rear view mirror and said: "ba't ka nagpapaulan? magkakasakit ka nyan! kung ako boyfriend mo di kita papayagan lumabas ng walang payong." ("why are you walking in the rain? you might get sick. if i was your boyfriend i wouldn't allow you to go out without an umbrella.") all i could say was, "okay lang po tiyo, salamat po." *plus a heartfelt smile* ("im okay, thanks.")

  2. "Cellphone" - in front of the mall, while the jeepney's waiting to be full i pulled out my cp to message my friend that im on my way when a policeman leaned over the window and told me, "miss, wag ka masyado gumamit ng cellphone may mga sindikato ngayon dito galing manila nanghoholdap ng jeep." ("miss, don't expose your cellphone too much, a syndicate from manila is here targetting to rob jeepney passengers.") so while im keeping my fone back in my pocket i just replied, "ah...opo sir...salamat." ("oh, okay sir, thank you.")

  3. "That Guy?" - i was walking home loving the breeze of the cool wind in the morning, happily appreciating the blue sky when suddenly, on the corner of the street close going to our house an old guy smiled at me and said, "pauwi na galing trabaho?" ("coming home from work?"), i answered, "opo." ("yes.") and gave him a smile as well in return.

  4. "Cottage" - me and my bestfriend were in one of the cottages on a bar where we usually go to when we want to just sit back and chat. the guard was passing by when he saw us, he stopped by our cottage and said, "kayong dalawa lang? ingat kayo ha. nandito lang ako." ("is it just the two of you here? take care okay. im just around."). My friend and i looked at the guard and said, "opo sir! okay lang kami. salamat!" ("yes sir! we're okay. thanks!")

  5. "Tricycle" - just this morning, my dad went ahead of me so i decided to walk home from work *i always do when im alone*. besides, i didn't have enough coins for a tricycle ride. on my way there a tricycle pulled over calling me to ride saying the street where i live. i looked at him and said im just walking home, im not going to ride the tricycle. he said im on my way home too. come on i'll give you a lift. he was smiling so i did as well. and yes. i had a free ride home.

There's a lot more actually... i just couldn't remember anymore.

i wrote this stuff contrary to what most would feel about reading my title. you probably thought someone's stalking me or something. actually... it's not that. these are the simple blessings that i come to thank whenever i encounter one and realize it. you see? there are a lot out there, strangers in some way, but shows a little care for our precious lives. sometimes we see it, sometimes we don't. take a second to smile along the way when you come across someone and who knows, it might stick in their memory too.

blessings come in the simplest ways and means! Have a blessed weekend! : )

Thursday, March 1, 2007

to grow or not to grow? haha!

Growing old, growing up… I’ve often taken fancy on these two ideas. Wondering how they differ from each other. Obviously I know growing old is with age, which brings us to the phrase, “Yes, you are growing old, but you’re not growing up.” (Ouch!)

I find maturity a really broad keyword. (pardon the word used, my head is still filled with work related setbacks…) Everyone argues mostly about this word. How does one really know when he/she’s mature enough? Is it by the way you act, talk, walk, eat, sleep, run, hide, (stop me now or I’ll go on for ages)… okay let’s do that again… How can you tell that one’s mature enough in life?

I find it funny when I saw one Lizzie McGuire series for the nth time where she wanted to baby sit because she says she’s old enough to do so, if she’s allowed to do this that would mean she’s maturing. The best part there would be her trying to talk her parents out to let her baby sit Mat (her younger brother) by starting the line with, “Please dad let me do it, Kate does it, I know I can do it… (goes to stomping of the feet, tantrums like attitude with matching squeaky scream) and I WANNA BABY SIT!!!!!!!” (talk about maturity ha?!)

But I’m not here to tell you the whole story because that would bring me out of the subject. So, back to redefining maturity:

It’s been three days since I started contemplating on this and sadly, I haven’t been convinced enough to actually write my thoughts until today. Along those three days, things happened and even the reads that I come across with coincidentally spoke of this so called Maturity related issues. Weird, I know.

*took a couple of excerpts from my Daily OM reads and tried to connect it with what life has to offer for all of us, or at least for me.*

1st Part: “As we bob and weave with the ebb and flow of life our roles change, but our true self remains constant.”

In other words, we have the ability to change our ways, the way we act and react with things but we will never be able to change our entire self? (True enough, I guess.)

I agree with this line because in this world of contradictions we all have a role to play to cope up with the environment that we live in. It’s not a matter of deceiving and being someone else not you, but sometimes we just have to be someone that most people would appreciate. That’s survival at the max. Fitting in.

2nd Part: “Fairy tales led us to believe that “happily ever after” was a final destination, the truth is that life is a series of destinations, mere stops on a long journey filled with differing terrain.”

Again, with the fascination of the never ending quest for that perfect ending from which I don’t intend to get if it means the end of what’s supposed to be happy. Get it? Like what I said on my previous post, would you really want to close the curtains when you know the happiness you seek is just about to start?

I guess I’d rather have those little satisfactions you get from the simplest things instead of the whole package. Because with those tiny blessings comes the best pleasures you’ll ever have. Put it all in together? And it can be a block buster feeling when you’ve come to the end of life.

3rd Part: “Our roles are just costumes that we inhabit and then shed. Each role we play gives us another perspective through which to understand ourselves and the nature of the universe.”

These roles mentioned here are not the people that we try to pretend, but who we create in the ever changing stages of our lives. I guess the real essence of growing up lies merely on how we appreciate the lessons that we get from every experience that we’ve gone through. In my point of view, maturity comes when we’ve acknowledged the fact that we’ve changed from one way to another. Our age adds up every year, but our life span is based on the new role that we’ve responsibly taken credit for. When we’ve gained full control of our selves, that’s when we become mature.

Lately, I’ve been getting compliments on how I’ve become more open minded and had been told a couple of times that I am *finally* maturing. (I smiled…)

I didn’t change much actually, that’s a fact. I’m a body, with a girl and a woman inside. It just so happened that I’ve managed to take on a new learning: “I learned to gain control over my emotions.” With that I’m now more capable of managing my reactions towards certain situations. But to throw away every childish things that I’ve become fond on would be hysterical because that would mean a threat on my own happiness. I believe that it is the child in each of us that makes the journey worthwhile; they are the ones that truly appreciate the good things that we encounter. I’m not going to grow out of that child; she’ll be with me forever, only this time, the woman will take over.

I’ll let the kid come out from time to time to keep the balance in my life. However, the woman would be at her side to make sure she doesn’t bump into playgrounds that’s full of unwanted germs. *grins*

I love the new role I’m in… how about you? What role are you in right now in this so called life?

Till next time! Continue being happy with who you are… cause that’s the only treasure worth keeping. :)


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