What the world is coming into?! 2nd Strike

Again i am faced with a dilemma in the drama of life that left me saying "the world sucks" for the nth time now that brought me to write up a second strike on the things that makes me say my newest expression:
  • Honasan, Trillanes and the likes running for the coming election. This may not be the latest news, but still it kept me wondering. Aren't these people supposed to be in prison (or is actually there right now?) to even have the right to still run for politics?
  • Actors and Actresses and other nuisance candidates. Similar thought: what's their goal in this? An added publicity?
  • Silly Advertisements for Campaigns. Oh come on! I know you've all heard about how annoying their styles are to create a head turning death crazy ideas to fool people into voting for them. Do you actually think that making fun of your name to make it look like a vegetation scheme for agriculture and such will work? (Pichay to Pechay?) Another version of sorry trailer from the dancing queen (if you call that genuine dance) to a drama crying lady asking for forgiveness obviously sounds ridiculous right now. Especially the idea that if she really wanted to apologize for what she did, she should have done it then and there, not now when publicity makes more sense than sincere apology. Honestly all these gets into my nerves.
  • "Hostage Taking" Jun Ducat's part two of expressing his demands to uplift the poor and turn eyes to the masses that needs support. I'm not arguing with his principle, but the means to do it left me hanging.

Now to state my piece: With how the world becomes a circus when election time comes to hand i am bound into circumstances that left me wondering what sort of requirements the Comelec or the government itself has for those who are interested in running. If people from prison or sort are allowed to run, if persons who has not finished law or even high school are permitted to participate, what then are the standards of the righteous for the position? You say the mere principle and their platform is their greatest asset, where then is this so called piece in their advertisements? Not one of them makes sense on what they are after if ever they are elected. They're making us look like idiots and kids being driven to vote for them out of comedy and fun filled publicity? Isn't there anybody around who's actually serious about his will for this?

With these thoughts its no wonder that for the second time this guy comes to the center of the attention, hostages kindergarten kids to voice out some sense on the big guys up there wasting our country's budget on their pathetic campaign. But must it come to this? Where violence is the only scheme we could think about?

Imagine... these people came here to Legazpi to attract voters but did they actually tender on the needs of those who are presently living in evacuation centers up to now? All of them are busy campaigning disregarding the real matters in our country. How about using these advertisement funds for the benefit of the needy instead? We all have seen it and have asked the same thing, observed the same flaws but none of us are ever heard.

It's actually becoming hopeless. Truly frustrating, but the selfish act of those that wants power still wins over. What will happen to us then?

The world is a maze, driven by wildfire ambisions of gaining power. If immortality is real, then we could have had hundreds of Gods by now. This is what the world is coming into for me today.


Anonymous said…
grabeh, siguro... pwede tayong step sisters... :)
pero, what you said were TRUE!!!
the world is over populated with people who are trying to be who they're not...
worst! they all have but ONE ambition! become GOD which they can't....
Anonymous said…
sunugin na natin ano? hehe
angdami dami talagang ganyan..kahit sa mga simleng konteksto lng, kahit sa loob ng isang org or ng isang classroom.. ang malupit, feeling nila tama ang mga nangyayari.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa... doomsday!
Unknown said…
haay.. mahirap tanggapin ang reality coz it sucks.. pero yan talaga ang real scenario, maraming peke kaya walang naabot ang tao sa tinatawag nating earth..hehe.. we should strive to be who we are from the inside out.. and avoid pretenses.. bahala na ang iba kung ayaw nilang magbago.. mga panggap..hehe..
tina said…
rawr.. i share your sentiments about Honasan and Trillanes. and yes all those silly advertisements.. oh well

i was thinking the hostage crisis was all for politicians to go and take their cake with all the drama... parang drama lng un. feel ko lang.

sa mga voters.. be wise na lng sa desisyon ninyo.
Anonymous said…
tumawa lang talaga ako kay chabit singson. grabeh. puro pulitika lang talaga nasa isip ko nung ginawa niya yung pagiging "peace maker" dun sa hostage.

nainis pa ako dun kay tessie. ngayon lang nag sorry. ano siya, nanloloko? mamalimos na lang siya.

nawala na nga si pichay ngayon eh. naubos na yung pera. naitanim na siya sa bakuran. hindi sa senado.
pero ang galing niya mag-english dun sa anc. kala ko di siya marunong mag-english eh.
Talamasca said…
Actually, everyone has the constitutional right to run for any electoral position, provided that you're Filipino and got lots of moolah to nourish every aspect of your candidacy. Still, yeah, WTF is up with these people? The nerve!!!

That's why I'm totally dittoing on Ronald Reagan's statement, that "Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."

Anyhoo, thank you fucking much for always coming over to my blog. Ok babai. :-)
Anonymous said…
tumpak! . . . after getting the freedom from aliens... we tend to conquer our own land... they say its a race...but to look at it ... its an empire of selfish assholes aiming money,power,popularity...using the words...'human rights','fulfilling dreams ("pangarap ko tuparing mga pangarap nyo")...'service', 'justice', 'ECONOMY'.......that damn economy which GMA is pouring all the attention... running down some misfortunate kababayan...in the end....History is truely repeating its self....and there are stil more to come...

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