Tag! You're IT!

i have a pile of thoughts that i wanna jot down in here, but im too busy with (oh sh*t i forgot what)... stuffs. hahahha! i've been reading this survey of some sort from everyone else's blogs. who would have thought that i'll be a victim to this chain tag entry whatchamacallit!

Arianne tagged me so now im asked to list down 10 weird things about myself...

im weird in nature so im lost about the real meaning of weirdness. damn, this is hard!

1. i have a whole month cycle of mood: foodtrip week. badtrip week. emotional week. pretty week. there are four weeks in a month right? well, that's it. each week varies though they don't always go in that order. the deal is, one week i feel like craving for different kind of foods, the next week i can be annoyed very easily, then there's the cry over simple stuffs whether happy or sad (even commercials!), and lastly the week where i feel so blooming and pretty. these mood are interchangeable every month.

2. my eyes can make anyone admit guilt. in the middle of the conversation the person talking to me would say, stop giving me that look, you're making me feel guilty. i don't know why. maybe its because of the way i stare or something. whatever it is, i honestly don't know.

3. im a surprise pooper. everyone whom i know so well finds it hard to suprise me because i tend to discover it before they could initiate it. and usually i happen to do this unintentionally.

4. i can shift from a happy&jolly, to a mad and don't talk to me, then back to happy&jolly in less than an hour without prior cause. that's basically the whole explanation. happens when my insanity is on cue.

5. i put cold water in my coffee. i know this isn't that weird, but coffee is meant to be hot. but me? i'm goldilocks when it comes to that. i put half a cup of hot water and fill it up with cold water. (not too hot, not too cold).

6. i can drink coffee before going to sleep. in other words, coffee doesn't work on me. (hmm...maybe the cold water's got something to do with it..what do you think?)

7. i dress up during halloween, even if we're not asked to do so. see reason on the next number.

8. i'm a witch. tried studying and practiced wicca for quite sometime, but discontinued it. however, i stucked with a couple of rituals and routines that im not going to mention here. *devilish grin*

9. i hate pressure, but i love cramming. i don't like being pressured but it's also the reason why i get to perform well. cramming gives me the rush (literally), so i feel very hyper, active and super busy. i love it!

10. whenever i go to a wake. i always dream of the dead person. and take note: i dream of the same setting always. the dead person rises up from the coffin, starts walking. everyone else's run. i want to run too but couldn't move my feet. so i end up talking to that person instead. this happens too when i watch horror movies. sadly i have not talked to samara yet. haha!
well, what do you know?! i was able to think of ten. nice!
so this time, im tagging glenna, non, and rus.


Glenna said…
same. ako din moody. haha. :P
Anonymous said…
at bakit hinde ako makapag comment sa tag board ha? page cannot display daw.. wrong baga tere..
Unknown said…
gosh! does it mean, i have to list 10 weird things about myself too..hehe.. ok..i'll think pa.. waaah..
Anonymous said…
haha.. coffee. yeah.. my coffee used to be COLD. at hindi sya kulay kape.. it looks like a TEA. HAHAHA.

at kapag kape ko.. mga 1/16 tbsp decaf + 5 tbsp sugar

LOL.. nice nice! we all have our own weirdNESS.. un nga lang.. may ibang super at may ibang less.. HAHA.. hay..
Anonymous said…
haha. i like the witch trait. care to teach me some ritual? we'll make our own cult or something.. lol. haha. (aw that was scary.. :P)

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