Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wakie, Wakie...

Fact: I have a couple of things I wanna blog about.:argh:

The problem though is, my mind is totally brain dead. nope, its not the usual mental block, as obviously I still have the regular flow of words here. nothing of the sort where you stick your tongue out hoping in hell you'd be able to see the word you just missed to remember... wait *sticks tongue out, blehhhhhhh..., nothing.*

my problem? im exhausted. i can feel my head going really light, I'd probably get a book to put over my head to keep it steady. honestly, i've just spent two days of almost working straight.

let's try digesting what I've been doing:

Sunday. I had to prepare the ID's for delivery and the camera and tripod i need for the students picture taking again in Iriga, a two hours ride from Legazpi(north bound, if i'm not mistaken).

Monday. woke up 6am. breakfast. bathe. my mom decided to come since there still are like more than five sections of elementary and high school waiting for us. i can't do it alone. told her to make sure that we finish or should say done! by 2pm so that i'll have time to rest for my work later that night. but no. it was still extended up to 3pm. two hours travel back to legazpi. we ended in the mall and my mom simply knows how to entertain me, bought me cheeseburger and fries while we waited for my dad because they needed to go somewhere. i wanted to go home to sleep but no, i had to accompany her first.

:yawn:i was so drained that i immediately texted my team leader and superior that i might come to work on a different sched because i really am not feeling all too good. i kept telling myself, just a bit of sleep and i'll be fine again. yup, the usual 9pm was adjusted to 11pm - 8am work. i was able to buy two hours of sleep. not good enough, but fine.

Tuesday. yes today. after coming home 8am in the morning. ate my breakfast. and guess what? nope, i did not collapse nor fell asleep on the table (although i was almost expecting it), i stood up. washed a bit (not too much because it's bad when you haven't rested your eyes, right?). got the tripod and camera and off again i went to Sorsogon. Another two hours ride, south bound? to do an emergency photo shoot with the rest of the late enrollee students there. and before i forget, i arrived in Sorsogon a few minutes after Mt. Bulusan finally settled in and everyone there were asking. "did you see it? it was huge..." sad to say, though equipped with a camera. i was not able to catch up to it.

i remember the last time i went there and back, i was racing with typhoon milenyo, and now Mt. Bulusan erupts. What's that all about???

the picture taking ended 3pm instead of 2, again. arrived home around 5:30. changed. and hoped for a good rest until 7:30 pm. took a bath. changed. and now at work (9pm-6am).

:antok:im not supposed to be blogging but believe me... this is the only way i could do to try and sharpen my thoughts to be able to write a good auto parts article for my task or else i'll definitely doze off.

so... ciao for now! im not sure if this worked...

somebody stick me with the fork! IM DONE!:tsk:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Attack! and Surprises!

if you have me as a friend on your yahoo messenger list you would probably have noticed the sudden change of me being online during the day and not my regular owl habit. no, my work sched has not changed, but that doesn't mean I'm not working. or maybe I am but with a different task from where I'm supposed to be resting. yes, you read that right... resting. for two nights and three days i have suffered from a really terrible hyper acidity attack. the first night i felt the stomach pain i barely slept (including my mom, who after so many years of screaming "grow up!" nursed me, and i was deeply touched, of course. nothing beats a mother's loving care).

::(Seriously, I've had previous attacks but the last one is probably the worst. the medicines don't seem to work. I tried lying on my belly, curled up on my sides, hot compress on my tummy... but the more I move the worse the pain became. My mom's friend who was there that night was laughing at me when I screamed I badly want to go to the hospital and ask them to inject me with anesthesia (call me stupid, if you were feeling what I'm going through that time you'd probably ask for the same thing!)

After taking the first medicine, I puked. A couple of minutes more they told me I should take another set of med because the last one must've gone down the drains, and so I did. Every time they tried feeding me with water and watery oat, it ended coming out and into the sink. Yeah, dextrose would do me good if I was brought to the hospital. But we all tried to work it out until morning. NO HOSPITAL. I don't like it and my family's pockets wouldn't like it as well. So on with the pain! YEAH! (pfft..)

The next morning I can feel my stomach all stressed out. I finally managed to transfer on my own bed and continued my rest. (i ended up sleeping on the floor a couple of steps away from the bathroom for easy access and the fact that i couldn't move that much nor would i want to move. My mom placed blankets where i can lay down and she readied one for herself just beside me.) Doctor's advice was not to eat too much, and not to eat too little. Meals were broken down in two sets. No oily food. No acidic fruits. In short, I could only eat nothing but oatmeal! No milk. Just plain water. And crackers.

While on my bed my mom came over and gave me two mails. Both a mini package of the sort. and what did i get??? (this is the fun part!):

This cute keychain moose from Norway! And I have a huge guess that this is the gift the Queer Chef has for me after he proclaimed me as a comment whore! haha! (and proud of it???)

Well, isn't it cute? It goes perfect with my brown bag and I felt really better with it. (except the fact that my stomach still squirms from time to time...)

And just look at the way i managed to crop it perfectly like a picture taken from a magazine??? Awww... sometimes I do need to lift my ego up, you know? hahahaha!

Goes to show that I am now feeling mucho better.
Thanks for this chase dear! :inlove:

The other one was this:

The parallel iPod I bought online... if you're asking what that means check footnote. I'm not choosy when it comes to items and products that I get, except when it's really something important. For entertainments and too material stuffs, I really don't mind whatever I get.

Which also means I am very easy to please when it comes to material stuffs... but I'd appreciate it more if you give me food that I badly crave. Like, PIZZA! or a gimmick night out?

I'd rather travel though...

Anyway, that's what happened... During my supposed rest days I had fun listening to my loved musics.

And I got a chance to work on the computer and make fun on the faces of the students I took pictures of (yeah I could be mean sometimes, especially if it requires work when I'm not feeling better...) cropping it for their IDs. Believe me, their pictures were really edited to look better still... quality is what we're after anyway, no matter how much I act like I'm only playing with it.

:yawn:*parallel: a term I learned when I was in Hong Kong... meaning: imitation. pirated. fake. Well, at least it sounds better than using the real meaning right???*

Friday, July 20, 2007

Package Delivery

have i ever told you guys about me being a package of frustrated talents?

oh yes, i am... and if you don't know about it, im gonna break it down for you. (yeah! yeah! break it down!) *screech!*

nope... i don't rap that's for sure! (although i've always liked usher, eminem, and... okay forget it! that's off topic).

so here it goes:

First: I'm a blogger. (obviously). but that doesn't make me a professional writer. which i ever so wanted to be. and it doens't make me as formal or as frequent in making an entry to keep up this blog. i work as a web content writer, but it's full of technical stuff and it's usually redundant and exhausting. i can write, but not a writer? gets? whatever...

Second: I sing. Videoke had been real fun and all when i was younger, but that doens't cut me off as a possible band vocalist because, yeah... i have the tone, but not good enough to be a singer.

Third: I dance. Ever since i was a kid i've been a highlight on intermission numbers both in school and yeah, barangay showdowns. what!? who would have known it would be embarassing in the future. i was just told to dance and so i did. but then again, i never went to dance schools and i didn't get to practice when i was in college. so in the end, that too is just another hidden talent.

Fourth: I paint. but i don't draw. i feel intimidated by those that i know are really good at it. in short... i couldn't get myself to continue and i find it a bit to late to even start again.

Fifth: I'm a tech geek. I can't live without having to face the computer in a day. I love surfing the net. I do get hooked up on CSS programming or html tweaks but still, I'm not that good at it. and i'm still thinking about truly studying it.

Sixth: (and probably the last on my list for the meantime..) I love taking pictures. When i was just a kid i have insisted on getting that old camera that needs a film with it... i wasn't fascinated then with the fast becoming trend digicams, but i never got my wish.

instead, i had to wait 'till my mom was able to buy a digicam connected to our business.

this post is not to be that emo about my frustrations, it's actually the other way around... coz you see, even if i have only a bit of all those stuffs, i still somewhat am proud of myself. especially if you happened to catch a nice picture like this:

and the one you see at the very top. so, yeah... at least i still have all these talents to choose from, and probably nourish? who knows! hehehehe...

till next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Handa? SULAT!

:hi:"Marhay na aldaw saindo gabos, Maayong adlaw sa imong tanan, magandang araw sa inyong lahat!"

ilan lamang ito sa mga salin ng mga pagbati meron sa ating bansa... puno man tyo ng iba't ibang uri ng diyalekto, marami tayong pwedeng ipagmalaki sa kulturang Pinoy. bilang pag gunita sa darating na Buwan ng Wika, ang Pinoy Blogosphere ay magsasagawa ng isang patimpalak sa pagsulat hango sa usaping: "Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa".

Lahat po ng Pilipinong blogista ay inaanyayahang sumali. Nandito ka man sa Pilipinas o nasa ibang ibayo, ikaw ay maaring lumahok sa paligsahang ito.

:scream:Bilang pang engganyo sa inyo, ito lang naman ang maari ninyong mapanalunan:

Para sa Waging-wagi! (Grand Prize)
tumataginting na Php 5,000.00 + 1 taon Domain + 1 taon 100 mb Web Hosting

Pumapangalawang Wagi: (Second Prize)
hindi parin papatalong Php 3,000.00 + 1 taon Domain + 1 taon 100mb Web Hosting

At sa Ikatlong magwawagi: (Third Prize)

san pa pupuluting Php 1,000.00 + 1 taon Domain + 1 taon 100mb Web Hosting

Ano ang dapat gawin? Nais malaman ang detalye ng sinasabi ko? oo ngayon lang 'tong pilit na tagalog na 'to kaya tayo'y magdiwang, diba tama?!

saan? saan ako nagkamali?::(


kala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron.. *sampal!*

:tsk:ARAY! *hikbi* ang mga tuntunin ng nasabing patimpalak ay matatagpuan dito sa pahina ng WIKA2007...

pano ba yan? bago pa magunaw ang mundo sa kagustuhan kong magsalita sa sarili nating lenguahe? teka mukhang spanish na iyon ah.... eh magpapaalam na ko...

ulit ulitin natin...

pano ba yan?

:wave:iNGAT! *mag biogesic*

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Writing Too Much?

Wanting to entertain myself a bit during my weekend, I ended up hanging at the library cafĂ© where I usually spend my free time in with my friends. Conversations going around the table a book instantly caught my eyes. I had a wide grin on my face reading its title: “If You Can Talk, You Can Write” by Joel Saltzman. Ignoring what my friends are talking about I reached out for it and started scanning the pages, checking the reviews and running my sight down to the table of contents. The thought that it states from the title itself makes me nod in agreement, until my smile faded.

Lately, it’s not the writing that’s troubling me, not that I’ve had enough ideas to write except for my daily work task… my real worry lies on me when I’m talking. (Emphasizing on the point that I’m supposed to be in the middle of a conversation while these thoughts came barging in my head making me loose my focus on whatever was on the table that time.)

So that’s the case. I find myself writing more non life specific topics, not worth blogging, much less publishing it. In short: writing technically like a robot. That’s it, a robot with not much emotion or feeling involved… plain information and nothing else. With these facts I came to realize that I have boxed my own way of showing how I feel. (Great thanks to my still growing fondness on blogging, I still have a therapy to look forward to).

I have observed that getting used on expressing yourself through writing almost every time you feel a certain urge or flow of emotion without actually speaking about it makes you loose the importance of vocal communication. The usual conversations are fine, but to the most serious ones where you’ll have to relay a part of how you’re truly feeling makes you loose that voice. And I actually mean it literally. Well, that’s how it is for me. It’s like suddenly becoming like a child trying to say, ma-ma to call out your mom for help. Tongue twisted, I usually end up feeling a lump in my throat with a pile of what’s supposed to be a sentence.

I guess that’s the side effect. I need human contact. (Now that sounded malicious). Writing, words, technical, blog: a bunch of keywords that can be synonymous to what we now know as virtual.

Today, I’d like to prick myself with a needle. Just to check if my skin’s still flexi and smooth… scared that it had turned into molded steel sheets and chips.

(testing, testing) OUCH!

Yup… still human… Thank God!

Excess: The book I just mentioned turned out to be a good read. It's definitely a must have for those who are experiencing writer's block out of being intimidated, or wanting too much to perfect writing that you end up facing a blank paper (or computer) uselessly. I'll try to share in a few points on my next posts...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Interviewed / Will Interview

Me and my enthusiasm on blog hopping had caused myself to be interviewed. Well, obviously I asked for it out of having no idea of what to blog about. Mats, who is already a good online friend and knows a bit too much than what she should know about me? (Ahahaha!) gave me the following questions to answer. To my surprise, it took me quite a while to come up with a good response. Oh well… here it goes:

  1. Would you quit your dream job because you hate your boss?

Well, for me it depends on the situation. If I realize I’d be a big loss to the company then maybe I would, and let them chase after me. (harhar!)

No seriously, sometimes having a bit of pride and knowing what your capabilities are let’s you believe that you can have your dream job if you strive for it wherever you are, which means you can still get it from another company.

But of course, I’d only decide on this when I feel like I’m not getting my worth, or I’m being degraded or similar circumstances. I believe you can get what you want when you work hard for it and no one can stop you, not even your boss.

2. Is there such things as "meant to be"?

I think so.

Fate, destiny… sometimes it’s easy to believe in them especially when things happen when you least expect it and when you can’t explain how it came to be. If things are meant for you they will come true and you’ll get it. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll leave it through fate and destiny alone. Giving your share of effort in achieving it should always be considered and having faith in the Almighty still is the best tool in getting the best meant to be for me, for more, believing that it will come at the right time is something that should also be remembered.

3. What do you think is the "key" to survive long distance relationship?

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s proven:

1.) I’d probably hear my boyfriend echoing the same phrase: “honesty and trust”.

2.) TRUE LOVE in your hearts.

3.) Being prepared for sacrifices.

4.) A deep amount of patience to spare.

5.) Even if we’ve had problems with this one: communication.

6.) The will to stay true to each other.

7.) The power to stay strong all the time.

8.) The ability to admit mistakes

9.) Learning to forgive without the grudge.

10.) Listen and understand.

I’ve probably said the best keys that aren’t for long distance relationships alone. If you’re willing to follow the list above, then I’d say you’d be able to stay on track within all sorts of relationships all the way.

  1. How do you deal with stress?

Hmmm… by entertaining myself depending on my mood. I would do one or more of the stuffs listed below:

1.) Following my craving on foods.

2.) Buying something that I really want (if I can afford it).

3.) Reading through nicely written blogs with humor, inspiring, or simply browsing around to refresh my head with new ideas.

4.) Going out with my friends and have a good hearty conversation with limited booze.

5.) Blog about that stress.

6.) Sleep.

7.) Message my boyfriend and tell him all about it.

The relief that the list has on me differs on duration. My mood would dictate which one would have the biggest effect. Conflict on mood with my wanted relief would result in doubling the stress. So yeah, the point is, I should not be stretched to the maximum stress level that I could take. Hahahaha!

  1. What is your dream wedding?

Oh… I never really thought of this. Well, maybe I have but I couldn’t decide yet on what I really want. Okay, I’ll let you in on a few glimpse of what I’ve patched up:

I want a garden wedding where I still get to dress up with a gown that would make me look like a fairy and a princess at the same time which means my dress would have a bit of colored streaks like laces besides the plain white. I want mini fairy flower girls throwing flower petals along the way, and fairy looking bridesmaids. Colorful dresses so there is no motif. I want really nice colorful flower arrangements. Honestly I just want to be able to dress up like the prettiest fairy for the day with glittery make up with a bit of flowers on my hair (or head). I can’t think of what the guys would wear, but I want them to look like princes? Something like that… I was actually thinking about having a pair of lovebirds instead of the usual doves (if it’s possible) or if not, I just want to have lovebirds around.

If the wedding is in the garden, I’d want the reception somewhere with a pool where floating candles and the right amount of balloons will be present. That’s all I could think of right now… well… of course there should be good delicious food and nice music to go with. Fun and dances after… -the end-

Okay, my turn to do the interview now... if you have nothing to post in your blog as well, then follow the instructions below to be a part of this interview meme:

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Oh well! Go, go, go! :okay:


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