Wakie, Wakie...

Fact: I have a couple of things I wanna blog about.:argh:

The problem though is, my mind is totally brain dead. nope, its not the usual mental block, as obviously I still have the regular flow of words here. nothing of the sort where you stick your tongue out hoping in hell you'd be able to see the word you just missed to remember... wait *sticks tongue out, blehhhhhhh..., nothing.*

my problem? im exhausted. i can feel my head going really light, I'd probably get a book to put over my head to keep it steady. honestly, i've just spent two days of almost working straight.

let's try digesting what I've been doing:

Sunday. I had to prepare the ID's for delivery and the camera and tripod i need for the students picture taking again in Iriga, a two hours ride from Legazpi(north bound, if i'm not mistaken).

Monday. woke up 6am. breakfast. bathe. my mom decided to come since there still are like more than five sections of elementary and high school waiting for us. i can't do it alone. told her to make sure that we finish or should say done! by 2pm so that i'll have time to rest for my work later that night. but no. it was still extended up to 3pm. two hours travel back to legazpi. we ended in the mall and my mom simply knows how to entertain me, bought me cheeseburger and fries while we waited for my dad because they needed to go somewhere. i wanted to go home to sleep but no, i had to accompany her first.

:yawn:i was so drained that i immediately texted my team leader and superior that i might come to work on a different sched because i really am not feeling all too good. i kept telling myself, just a bit of sleep and i'll be fine again. yup, the usual 9pm was adjusted to 11pm - 8am work. i was able to buy two hours of sleep. not good enough, but fine.

Tuesday. yes today. after coming home 8am in the morning. ate my breakfast. and guess what? nope, i did not collapse nor fell asleep on the table (although i was almost expecting it), i stood up. washed a bit (not too much because it's bad when you haven't rested your eyes, right?). got the tripod and camera and off again i went to Sorsogon. Another two hours ride, south bound? to do an emergency photo shoot with the rest of the late enrollee students there. and before i forget, i arrived in Sorsogon a few minutes after Mt. Bulusan finally settled in and everyone there were asking. "did you see it? it was huge..." sad to say, though equipped with a camera. i was not able to catch up to it.

i remember the last time i went there and back, i was racing with typhoon milenyo, and now Mt. Bulusan erupts. What's that all about???

the picture taking ended 3pm instead of 2, again. arrived home around 5:30. changed. and hoped for a good rest until 7:30 pm. took a bath. changed. and now at work (9pm-6am).

:antok:im not supposed to be blogging but believe me... this is the only way i could do to try and sharpen my thoughts to be able to write a good auto parts article for my task or else i'll definitely doze off.

so... ciao for now! im not sure if this worked...

somebody stick me with the fork! IM DONE!:tsk:


Talamasca said…
Exhausted? Take a breather! Relax! Get laid! Oops. That didn't sound right.

Seriously, whenever I feel generally worn-out, I just sleep. Or if I can't sleep, I just go into this catatonic-ish stupor, kinda like staring into space. I dunno why, but it works for me to the extent that I feel refreshed after undergoing said process. It's my new yoga, I guess, only psychological. I'm sick like that, yo. :-)
Satty Ketchum said…
Hmm...been there done that..with all the pressure and stress...either get a bed or something comfy to doze off or if u cant sleep indulge in some comfort food such as sweets^^ ei worked for me...hehe
Anonymous said…
Hoy Andrea! You're IT, I just tagged you. See Tagged & 8 Random Things at Pedestrian Observer, thanks.
Jigs said…
Honestly, movies are my stress reliever.I try to catch a good flick then enjoy it thoroughly. Then grab some good food. After all that, I go home and go to bed.What I'm trying to say is that you should find the best stress reliever for you. :)
Anonymous said…
Girl I think you need a whole day of just relaxing and probably go to a spa. Dont overwork yourself and keep in mind that health is wealth
Anonymous said…
oh, you, I think you're a hardworker :) you should take a rest sometime.

wala din akong maisip na specific na iblog about ngayon puro random stuff lang.

I already linked you btw

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