Package Delivery

have i ever told you guys about me being a package of frustrated talents?

oh yes, i am... and if you don't know about it, im gonna break it down for you. (yeah! yeah! break it down!) *screech!*

nope... i don't rap that's for sure! (although i've always liked usher, eminem, and... okay forget it! that's off topic).

so here it goes:

First: I'm a blogger. (obviously). but that doesn't make me a professional writer. which i ever so wanted to be. and it doens't make me as formal or as frequent in making an entry to keep up this blog. i work as a web content writer, but it's full of technical stuff and it's usually redundant and exhausting. i can write, but not a writer? gets? whatever...

Second: I sing. Videoke had been real fun and all when i was younger, but that doens't cut me off as a possible band vocalist because, yeah... i have the tone, but not good enough to be a singer.

Third: I dance. Ever since i was a kid i've been a highlight on intermission numbers both in school and yeah, barangay showdowns. what!? who would have known it would be embarassing in the future. i was just told to dance and so i did. but then again, i never went to dance schools and i didn't get to practice when i was in college. so in the end, that too is just another hidden talent.

Fourth: I paint. but i don't draw. i feel intimidated by those that i know are really good at it. in short... i couldn't get myself to continue and i find it a bit to late to even start again.

Fifth: I'm a tech geek. I can't live without having to face the computer in a day. I love surfing the net. I do get hooked up on CSS programming or html tweaks but still, I'm not that good at it. and i'm still thinking about truly studying it.

Sixth: (and probably the last on my list for the meantime..) I love taking pictures. When i was just a kid i have insisted on getting that old camera that needs a film with it... i wasn't fascinated then with the fast becoming trend digicams, but i never got my wish.

instead, i had to wait 'till my mom was able to buy a digicam connected to our business.

this post is not to be that emo about my frustrations, it's actually the other way around... coz you see, even if i have only a bit of all those stuffs, i still somewhat am proud of myself. especially if you happened to catch a nice picture like this:

and the one you see at the very top. so, yeah... at least i still have all these talents to choose from, and probably nourish? who knows! hehehehe...

till next time!


sherma said…
wow! ang ganda... i'm practicing my "skill" kung meron man in photography... =)
Anonymous said…
wow, super talented nga! :)

alam mo usong uso rin dito sa office ang photography..grabe, inggit na nga ako eh.. :)

basta enjoy everything! ;)
Unknown said…
wow girl... hehe... dami mong talents ah.. hehe.. dancer ka pala girl? hehe... wooooww... hehe.. btw, i love the photos..hehe.. i'm proud of you..hehe..
Lalon said…
nice one.. well all of us i guess have multiple talents although we really excel in one particular skill, anyways i really like the first picture.. how'd you manage to capture that without scaring the bug off? maganda pati yung angle nya.. pro-looking. ^_^
quincyjohn said…
cool shots andy!
macro-photography ba yan? or you just full-focused on the bug?
ganda at galing.

and I say, multi-talented ka. it's only a matter of willingness and attitude to develop them.

good for you.

ride on!
Jigs said…
Well Done! I love taking photos as well! What kind of digicam did you use?
Anonymous said…
nice photos.

that bug sure has a character. might be from a model bug family. lol. XD.

nice day ahead.
Anonymous said…
@sherma: everyone has skills...timing lang katapat nyan. :)

@elizar: try mo din...haha! (makiuso?) nyeks!

@rus: (dika naman masyado masaya noh?!) haha! i used to dance... enuf said.

@lalon: born model nga daw ung bug eh.. mahangin na kasing dati so hindi nya yata nahalatang kinukunan ko sya.haha!

@quincy john: macro-photography with a little bit of full focus technique. if there's something of the sort... hehe...

@jigs: thanks! i use a simple Canon Powershot A610 5.0 MP. tsamba? hehe...

@netherchild: sad to say i was not able to interview the bug to find out more about it... haha! :D
Anonymous said…
ayos! ipagpatuloy ang ganyang galing... :)

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