Attack! and Surprises!

if you have me as a friend on your yahoo messenger list you would probably have noticed the sudden change of me being online during the day and not my regular owl habit. no, my work sched has not changed, but that doesn't mean I'm not working. or maybe I am but with a different task from where I'm supposed to be resting. yes, you read that right... resting. for two nights and three days i have suffered from a really terrible hyper acidity attack. the first night i felt the stomach pain i barely slept (including my mom, who after so many years of screaming "grow up!" nursed me, and i was deeply touched, of course. nothing beats a mother's loving care).

::(Seriously, I've had previous attacks but the last one is probably the worst. the medicines don't seem to work. I tried lying on my belly, curled up on my sides, hot compress on my tummy... but the more I move the worse the pain became. My mom's friend who was there that night was laughing at me when I screamed I badly want to go to the hospital and ask them to inject me with anesthesia (call me stupid, if you were feeling what I'm going through that time you'd probably ask for the same thing!)

After taking the first medicine, I puked. A couple of minutes more they told me I should take another set of med because the last one must've gone down the drains, and so I did. Every time they tried feeding me with water and watery oat, it ended coming out and into the sink. Yeah, dextrose would do me good if I was brought to the hospital. But we all tried to work it out until morning. NO HOSPITAL. I don't like it and my family's pockets wouldn't like it as well. So on with the pain! YEAH! (pfft..)

The next morning I can feel my stomach all stressed out. I finally managed to transfer on my own bed and continued my rest. (i ended up sleeping on the floor a couple of steps away from the bathroom for easy access and the fact that i couldn't move that much nor would i want to move. My mom placed blankets where i can lay down and she readied one for herself just beside me.) Doctor's advice was not to eat too much, and not to eat too little. Meals were broken down in two sets. No oily food. No acidic fruits. In short, I could only eat nothing but oatmeal! No milk. Just plain water. And crackers.

While on my bed my mom came over and gave me two mails. Both a mini package of the sort. and what did i get??? (this is the fun part!):

This cute keychain moose from Norway! And I have a huge guess that this is the gift the Queer Chef has for me after he proclaimed me as a comment whore! haha! (and proud of it???)

Well, isn't it cute? It goes perfect with my brown bag and I felt really better with it. (except the fact that my stomach still squirms from time to time...)

And just look at the way i managed to crop it perfectly like a picture taken from a magazine??? Awww... sometimes I do need to lift my ego up, you know? hahahaha!

Goes to show that I am now feeling mucho better.
Thanks for this chase dear! :inlove:

The other one was this:

The parallel iPod I bought online... if you're asking what that means check footnote. I'm not choosy when it comes to items and products that I get, except when it's really something important. For entertainments and too material stuffs, I really don't mind whatever I get.

Which also means I am very easy to please when it comes to material stuffs... but I'd appreciate it more if you give me food that I badly crave. Like, PIZZA! or a gimmick night out?

I'd rather travel though...

Anyway, that's what happened... During my supposed rest days I had fun listening to my loved musics.

And I got a chance to work on the computer and make fun on the faces of the students I took pictures of (yeah I could be mean sometimes, especially if it requires work when I'm not feeling better...) cropping it for their IDs. Believe me, their pictures were really edited to look better still... quality is what we're after anyway, no matter how much I act like I'm only playing with it.

:yawn:*parallel: a term I learned when I was in Hong Kong... meaning: imitation. pirated. fake. Well, at least it sounds better than using the real meaning right???*


Anonymous said…
I am happy that you got it and like it as well.

Hmm the parallel iPod looks like the real deal and it looks good as well
Talamasca said…
ZOMG you have one messed up digestive system! Yeeee. I bid you well.

Whoa! Chas is giving away prezzies like there's no tomorrow! And mon Dieu, yours is so lovely!!! Uhm... can I have it? LOL!

Those Chinky people are freaking me out. I'm pretty sure you probably heard by now their formaldehyde-laden food imports. So note to self and to everyone else: STAY AWAY or forever hold your peace... or lack thereof, since you might succumb to death before you achieve such feat! WTF.
Anonymous said…
@chase: yup yup... thank you so much again! the parallel iPod does look ok, just don't touch it and you won't see the difference. nyahahaha! :)

@talamasca: messed up digestive system... i agree with that. eway, can u have chas' gift? *hides it behind my back* STAY AWAY! ROFL! :D
Anonymous said…
hope you get better with you stomach acidity thing.. i have an office mate who have that same thing.. kawawa nga pag umaatake...
Jigs said…
I hope you feel better, having a stomachache is such a terrible feeling.

I knew something was odd with your ipod. now I know what a Parallel is! :)
Satty Ketchum said…
ei hope u get well soon...^^ i understand what u feel kasi it really sucks pag sumakeet ang just dont forget to rest...^^ not sure if I can join da contest though kc my tagalog's bad (pero fluent ako hehe)..pero we can exchange linkz..just let me know...salamat for dropping by...^^
Anonymous said…
Hope you're well now, Andrea!

And oh, that gift is reaaaaly cute.
quincyjohn said…
it's really tough when it goes wild!
obviously, you're an acid "swallower". he2
I think, you learned your lesson the hard way.

Whoa! though its "parallel" it still looks cool. but, are you sure bout the quality drei?

now i know, it pays to be a comment whore! ha3

I enjoyed the post drei. It really compelled me to read.
Lalon said…
get well soon "ms. wait-who-said-that?" ^__^

lol I would've mistaken that iPod as the real thing if it weren't for it's LCD display. :P
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