Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chic Essential Planner Inserts Detail

For the chic entrepreneur, inserts to keep track of your orders and bright ideas.

GET RICH (Job Order Inserts)
- to keep track of orders that you have to make. Highlights: 
Customer Info/Details
Paid (Deposit and Balance)
Notes (for specific instructions)
Material cost and Profit.
Matching patterned divider.


BRILLIANT IDEAS (Project Planner Insert)
- now you have a way to record and keep track of your bright ideas.
Project Name
Idea Box
Sketches Box
Detailed Materials Costing Box
To Make (or To Do) and To Buy box for your lists
Suggested Retail Price
Projected Profit

Both will be available as a Midori type notebook insert upon request.

If you want these inserts, visit Andreaz.Nook and leave me a message. 

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chic Business Essential Planner Inserts

Continuing my journey to the perfect planner inserts, I am trying to complete my version of business planner refill set. I started out with the Sales Log inserts with a free downloadable template for personal planners. 

This is in connection to my recently purchased personal planner, which I intend to use to keep track of my shops' orders.  That includes job orders like graphic layouts, paper crafts, invitations, souvenirs, and so much more.  This insert is labeled as the "Job Order" planner in insert .

On this post I'm sharing to you a mix of minimalist yet colorful, addition to my sales related planner inserts. I made a Project Planner insert and a Job Order insert.

If the job order inserts are for the instructions and records of purchases and transactions I have, the Project Planner insert is great for people like me who has so many ideas popping every now and then.  To make sure these brilliant ideas will be materialized, I have to list it down, plan it, and have a constant reminder for it. Thus, this insert is just perfect.

Checkout the matching patterned divider I made with it. With these in my planner, I know I'd be more than positive to get more sales, and have great ideas moving. 

Stay tuned since I will be posting the complete set and look as soon as I'm done with it here, and offer it for purchase at my page: Andreaz' Nook.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sales Log Insert | Planner Inserts for Planner Nerd Sellers

I've always been a hoarder of journals and diaries just because I love writing and doodling... when it comes to planners though, I thought the ready made ones (the one with cute colors and pages, bookbound mind you) were great, but they are never perfect enough for my needs.  Lo and behold, I wonder why I never thought of being able to make one for myself?  Finally I found the time and the right reason to do so.

There's are a bunch of free downloadable inserts out there, but I couldn't find the exact template to suit my need to take down my sales and get to see how much I'm getting from my products and projects.  I wanted to keep track of it all in my planner so I decided to make this.

For anyone who's looking for something similar, feel free to check the link below, print or save on your computer (for later use), then cut and punch.

You can also use this as it is after printing and cutting.


1. DOWNLOAD: Sales Log Planner Insert for Personal Size Planners by AndreaKZ (3.75x6.75in)
2. Use short bond paper.
3. Print in landscape.
4. Cut in the middle and remove excess edges.
5. Punch.
6. Enjoy.
7. Show me some love by sharing this post and liking my page:
8. I might upload more templates so please subscribe or follow my blog and my facebook page.

If you don't want to do it on your own and would want to have it printed, cut, and punched for you.  You could purchase a set from my facebook page (Philippines only): Andreaz' Nook.  Also, if you do decide to use this template, please send me your love by liking my page, and feel free to share this to your friends.  Thank you very much!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Renovations, A Good Start

My room (meaning mine and my kids) is getting a make-over.. I'm not sure if this counts as a valid post, but so far I just want to write something here.  If anyone cares that is.  I wonder if anyone still reads this???

Anyway, so yeah... the last time I had my room re-done, paint, ceiling, cleaning, and all was when I had my first child.  Now we're doing it again for my little girl.  Aside from our bedroom, I'm getting a craftroom fix as well.  That actually was done ahead: the walls are painted already with passion purple, and most of my crafting tools are there.

I bought a printer too... maybe I should make a review of the stuffs that I've purchased recently.  I'm keeping myself inspired.  A lot have been going on lately and this, writing, might help push me more on keeping my head in the game.

Yeah.  So far, there ain't no ups and downs, but just bumps along the way.  My graphic designing is kicking off.  Been getting a handful of layout requests and all.  I hope this goes well from here.  Like I said, if I stay focused and determined, I just might be able to accomplish more this year.

I hope I improve even more.

Guess that's it for now.

This post doesn't make sense.  But yeah... I'm pretty sure if I read this again someday I'll know what's hiding in between the lines.


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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beginning 2015

So I pay annually to keep this name (domain), might as well maximize it.  Let me see, what am I going to put here???

- blog about my life?
- blog about the motherhood journey?
- blog about my work?
- blog about my business?
- blog about anything under the sun?

Yeah... I think I've got a handful of possibilities.  Ahhhh.. right... I should probably include this site in my to renovate, repair, revive, make, etc. list for this year.

Hello 2015.  I'm ready for you. I'm ready to improve.  I'm ready to achieve things.


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