Renovations, A Good Start

My room (meaning mine and my kids) is getting a make-over.. I'm not sure if this counts as a valid post, but so far I just want to write something here.  If anyone cares that is.  I wonder if anyone still reads this???

Anyway, so yeah... the last time I had my room re-done, paint, ceiling, cleaning, and all was when I had my first child.  Now we're doing it again for my little girl.  Aside from our bedroom, I'm getting a craftroom fix as well.  That actually was done ahead: the walls are painted already with passion purple, and most of my crafting tools are there.

I bought a printer too... maybe I should make a review of the stuffs that I've purchased recently.  I'm keeping myself inspired.  A lot have been going on lately and this, writing, might help push me more on keeping my head in the game.

Yeah.  So far, there ain't no ups and downs, but just bumps along the way.  My graphic designing is kicking off.  Been getting a handful of layout requests and all.  I hope this goes well from here.  Like I said, if I stay focused and determined, I just might be able to accomplish more this year.

I hope I improve even more.

Guess that's it for now.

This post doesn't make sense.  But yeah... I'm pretty sure if I read this again someday I'll know what's hiding in between the lines.


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