be not deceived of what i've said about love. it's just one of those moments where love drives you crazy. im in a relationship that feels like im on a rollercoaster ride. but that's just what love truly is right? a ride where you go way up, then so down low... it can make you sick to your stomach but in the end you're to say, "damn, that was one hell of a ride! let's do it again!"
yup... im mad... madly in love. like what the hitch movie said: "i'd rather be miserable. if that's to show that im in love. love makes you jump off and hope to God someone catches you. when you're inlove they tend to make you believe that you can fly." (note: not exact line)
but here's the question: "will you still love me tomorrow?" from click.
hmmm... yes guys, im in love... shit in love... hell in love... im not giving up.
i long to give that unconditional love. (God like?! yeah, i wish.)
here's one more theory about love:
for the Harry Potter aficionados out there. "Love is like a bag of Bertie Botts Jelly Beans." with all the flavors you can imagine... from the best yummy ones, to the nastiest yucky icky ewww... whatever. the point is... it's all in one bag.
in other words, sometimes its as sweet as strawberry flavored syrup, and at other times... (let my friend finish the sentence for you...)
"Alas, earwax!" - Albus Dumbledore.
*oh... and the disclaimer: it's not about the trial and error, then move on that i'm after for. it's overcoming the error through every trial. that's what true love in the real world is about. :D*


ninong said…
ako nga ayoko na but i can't stop...hehe..

itutuloy ko na lang yung quote sa click...hehe
"...forever and ever, baby"
Anonymous said…
To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart..

and your lucky numbers are.. 4, 3, 2, and 1..


HAHA.. that's an excerpt from the movie "Sky High".. dinagdagan ko lang ng 4 3 2 1.. EHE!

sis! your in love?! HAHA. ako.. ewan.. Mashado akong napapahinga ng malalim kapag yan ang theme.. anyway.. just enjoy the feeling and don't lose yourself.. just keep walking on track. Ha? I've lost a friend just because of that damn emotion..

Goodluck! Mwaaahaags!

Enjoy the weekends! Mabuhay!
Unknown said…
hehe.. nabasa ko na andianka.. haha.. some people look at love as "trial and error" and "collect and select" mentality, i'm not focusing on the relationship that was build up already but on the relationships that will start pa lang..hehe.. kya namang ayusin pag maganda talaga ang intention pero meron kasing iba na ginagawang game ang dating eh which is very wrong..hehe
ang pagmahal ay isang package deal. dpat tanggapin mo ang lahat na kasama nito...saya, lungkot, pagkabigo at biyaya. love is a choice. you make that choice because you are willing to risk. why do you risk? because you might get hurt and in the same breath you might discover a nicer reason why you agree to be hurt.

and that could simply be the person you truly madly deeply love. :)

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