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because i can't seem to find the time to update my cover story over what's happening with Julia Campbell's case, i made a few researches about the follow up leads with the killing. i quoted below a probable summary that's enough to express the ideas on the recent activities regarding the suspect's surrender which i happened to hear over the news.

Taken from

The man suspected of beating to death a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines gave himself up Friday and confessed on television, saying he erupted in rage when she bumped into him as he was fuming over a feud with a neighbor.

"I admit it, yes. I killed her, but I did not do whatever other people are thinking I did," Juan Duntugan told ABS-CBN television, apparently referring to speculation that Julia Campbell may have been killed during an attempted rape or robbery.

"I did not plan to kill Ms. Campbell, harm her," Duntugan said, appearing remorseful and shaking his head.

He claimed he dropped a bundle of clothes when Campbell, embarking on a solo hike April 8 to see Ifugao province's famed mountainside rice terraces, bumped him from behind.

"My mind went blank," Duntugan said. "I did not know who she was or what she was. I got a rock and I hit her on the head. If I can change my body for hers, I will do it. But that's not possible. Whatever punishment you will impose on me, I will accept it."

Click here to read the rest of the article from FOX...
In other news (wow...feeling reporter!):
My moderating chatroom dreams or whatever online schemes are put on hold when im at home because of our province's electric company 'blackout every two hours' project. well, it seems like a project for me because we've been experiencing it for quite some time now. imagine having the need to sleep in the middle of the day with the sun burning the house down without the aid of an electric fan, but you just have to because you're on a graveyard shift later! waaaaaah! i have no idea what it's for but jokes regarding the upcoming election connection is becoming a lot of fun.
FRIEND & ME TALKING: "i bet their having a ballot box exchange drill everytime the power goes down, and they haven't managed to perfect it yet..." (and so the blackout continues)
so for now... i have to go back to work and stop blogging... (like that's gonna happen!)
Peace Out! yeah!


Anonymous said…
Well I think it is still no excuse for killing Julia but anyway at least he confessed now.

Oh yeah I saw agree about changing ballots on every brown/blackout
Anonymous said…
Ditto with Chase.


Anyway, they're planning to do that? Such cheats.
Dagger Deeds said…
Wow, pwede ka na sa news central. hehehe...

I agree with chas and yna.
Anonymous said…
@ chase: yeah... conclusions like he probably was on drugs and sorts are still being investigated. imagine what people can do with rage? the irony...

@ yna: ahaha! it was a joke yna, about the switching ballots, but it's not impossible either. they said there'd be no blackout during the election day. we'll see.

@ dagger deeds: talaga? hmm... haha!
Fendi said…
Thank for droppn by Andianka.. :)
I will take more photos at work. yeah. :D

Chase is here too.. Hello there honey!

Talamasca said…
I'm kinda doubting the bloke who just confessed that he murdered Julia. I dunno, maybe it's his face or his aura or something. There's just something about him that is doubtful. Get my drift?

HELLection is in the air and it stinks! Mwahahahaha!

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