The pour of information from which I'm not allowed to relay had driven me to really scream my sentiments. This post is dedicated to the victims of fraternity violence. I condemn this violence and that's coming from someone who is in a fraternity and sorority organization herself. Change has to be implemented and it's about time that we shutdown this so called tradition. I call upon the authorities of my own fraternity and sorority to take part on stopping the trend of using brutal acts. Quit condoning what needs to be recognized. The mistake that happened within the initiation of the Sigma Rho fraternity could very well happen to ours. Do we have to wait until we too experience these "accidental deaths"?

Brothers and sisters I don't think it should even be considered accidental. If we stop playing blind over these wrong acts we can easily prevent it. I am not being a traitor of our organization, and I am not putting it in vain. The mere fact that I'm attesting to this call is what I think a true blooded sister would do. A mistake or any other wrong doing should be reprimanded.


In this connection, I stand with the Statement of Block E 2012 of the UP College of Law on the Death of Cris Anthony Garcia Mendez, from which I'll quote:

We condemn in the strongest possible terms all the organizations of the University of the Philippines who promote the culture of violence, by perpetrating brutal acts, by condoning these acts, or by obstructing justice by aiding in the flight or concealment of their erring members. To the long list of names that include Alex Icasiano, Dennis Venturina, and so many others traumatized or dead in the name of Cris Mendez; we cannot in good conscience turn a blind eye to the injuries and deaths that involve or are directly perpetrated by organizations of the University.

Might I add that I stand to this call not only for the bounds of UP alone, but for the society at large within the Philippines, and hopefully everywhere else.

May justice be served.


Anonymous said…
Amen to that sister. I still dont understand why these fraternities are so preoccupied with meaningless violence
sherma said…
I learned from a friend, but it's just a rumor by the way, na yung doctor na tumingin kay Cris is an alumni of the fraternity na sinalihan ni Cris.

If you watched Kapuso mo Jessica Soho, mawi-windang ka kasi ok lang sa mga sasali na gawin sa kanila yung ritual. I don't understand it.

Anyweiz, may bago po akong post... =) ingat!
queenbee said…
i agree with you tere.. i think it's about time that revisions be done on the process of initiations..
though i myself is a member of a sorority, guess it is really time to stop that too much violence in all fraternity and sorority rituals. we are not barbarians anymore. we should know how to respect our fellow brothers and sisters. after all fraternity is all about brotherhood and sisterhood. and that would mean taking care of one another and not harming each other.. ayt? :)
Faith said…
It's really hard to scream for change when no one's willing to do it - maybe because of fear or apathy.

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