and so I'm back.. from outer space! yay! no.. that's an exaggeration. anyways, again before anything else, and yes my bohol trip and vacation post plus a whole lot more are overdue, sorry for that! I would like to thank first a number of special persons that greeted me for my birthday last Oct. 4.. geez! even if i was out of touch from the cyber world i felt loved. LOL!

Muchos Gracias to the following peeps:

My family: * jasper * sami * alekz * christian * mom * dad * cheche * jonna * jantee * and cuzins! - Special People and Friends close to my heart: * habibi * joyz * lester * percy * eric * ajhie * bembem * kuya lito * dimpz * kwin * - Blogger Frenzies: * jmtuazon * mats * glenna * lalondelarosa * einjhel * fritzified * rakshari * paolom * and the rest of the gang... i hope i didn't miss out on anyone here in my special list... if i did, please do remind me. I'm kinda having heavy memory gaps lately. LOLS! but promise, just let me know and I'll add you up at once.

UPDATES: (it's kinda fun actually.. continuously editing a previous entry to make it new.. or not! LOL!!!!)

talamasca (greeted in chinese??? *more updates* fine.. remove the "DAW!" and adding this as proof: * kuya matt * frankie * pastor renee * dyu/bratyfly *

anyone else?


Talamasca said…
Looks like you had a blast! Good! Good! ;-p

Hey! I greeted you on Twitter! In Chinese! So why am I not on the list? Hehe.

Anyhoo... I tagged you! Ktnxbai.
Talamasca said…
DAW ka jan! You want proof? Here:

Kbyenow. ;-p
Anonymous said…
Wow!! Thanks and I was on the list!! ;)
Anonymous said…
Belated Happy Birthday na lang po!

Padalan kita ng postcard.

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