Wet and Wild, Legazpi!

as i write this post, the whole legazpi anticipates just how much higher the flood will rise. rain had been pouring so hard for days now even when i was still in manila. when i arrived the other day i realized just how fast the water rises right at the very centro of legazpi city. classes had been suspended for almost a week now and the mall today closed two hours earlier than usual.

i myself had to walk through the flooded streets of the city since passenger jeepneys and tricycles refuse to roam around and were all on the way to their own families as well.

probably because of the trauma the typhoon had inflicted on the bicolanos, everyone are quite panicky. there isn't any mentioned storm, low pressure area, or typhoon yet but everyone's making sure everything is again wrapped in plastic and placed in higher compartments within the household.

a few of the families in easily flooded barangay's have evacuated to safer grounds.

will keep you guys posted while the electricity's still on. what a night! and more to expect, i guess.


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