My patience had been tried more than a dozen times these past few weeks, and I don't even know if I'm getting any better at suppressing my anger. Nope, it's not like I'm close to killing anyone. It's a sort of rage that you feel when you're close to having tantrums. Sometimes I'm such a baby when it comes to emotions like that, that I find it hard to simply ignore.

Anyway, I guess my efforts aren't necessarily in vain for I often find myself dreaming the things that I've been keeping to myself. And nope, you're wrong again if you're thinking about it as a sexual thingamajig. LOLS! See? My mind still raises senseless points. What I meant is that, the more I keep my reactions within me, the more I get to face it in my dreams. And believe me, having emotional related dreams where you see yourself so mad or so lonely makes mornings a pain to wake up to. Often times you don't feel rested.

So there, that's my dilemma lately. You can't call it sleepless nights, restless would be a better word.



Anonymous said…
What won't kill you will make you stronger. Kaya rakenrol lang ng rakenrol.
Anonymous said…
When emotions manifest in dreams it means its serious.

If you don't mind my advice continue reading.

I'm not particular with whatever problems you might have but the best thing to do would be to confront it head-on. If the problem cannot be resolved that way then it might be better to transfer the emotion.

According to an article in Reader's Digest sexual frustrations (I'm not saying you have any :D) if they cannot be released are best transfered to creative pursuits.

Hope I helped.

My .02

Anonymous said…
i'm having the same trouble as well.

what i do to those things/emotions that i cannot say verbally is i transform them into blog entries.

writing a blog entry for me is like therapy.
Anonymous said…
same here. I've been having a difficulty controlling my temper.. that i easily got mad.. heard somewhere that the cause of this is maybe because we got lots of toxins in our body which produces free radicals that promotes mental distress... and we need a daily doze of antioxidants to fight these free radicals.

.. just don't know if i heard it right. XD
Anonymous said…
I guess it is just one of those days when mood swing gets in the way!

Just make sure you're still in control and no body else

nga pala you have been tagged on my blog check it out
Anonymous said…
Andrea, magparamdam ka. Kung naririnig mo kami, magparamdam ka.

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