And then there’s something to look forward to…

A special friend and I have this dream of becoming one of the best teams there could be in our alter ego world. But that dream requires a lot of conviction, determination and experience from my part. I dare not complain this early, but looking forward? I can only imagine what’s beyond the wall after I climb up those eerie staircases that await me.

Getting there seems easy with the environment I’m in. The people I meet are perfect tools and the resources are quite bountiful. However, there’s a deeper meaning I have to harness on my own. I have to gain that self esteem needed for that dream. Having to talk to people, be around them and all that isn’t sufficient as far as I can describe my status right now. Or then again, maybe I just lack practice.

More than that, I have to learn a lot more to flourish the skill I need to earn. I need more than just the will. There should be the drive to do it, the inspiration for it, and an adequate amount of space and time to deliver.

This is just one of the many dreams I have stored in my future. The fact that I have this option and I believe I’ll have someone beside me for this makes me feel good inside, and quite blessed. Hopefully though, from all these dreams, I’ll find the right one to grab on to.

But this one that I just mentioned? Is quite intriguing even for me, and I like it that way.


Anonymous said…
now thats the spirit!
you go girl! kaya mo yan.
just keep in mind that each mile begins with a single step.

be the fighter that you once were.

remember the days when you fought the battle to reach your mother's egg first. out of the million fighters, you were the one who made it in and survived!

you did it before, you can do it again.


just keep moving forward!

..go spermy! ..go spermy! =)
Anonymous said…
oh habibi.. you really wont quit that cheer noh?! so silly. thanks for the push! it means a lot... :D

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