OT: Delayed SEMCon Bicol Post

Although I wasn’t really a part of the SEMCON Bicol event, I’m glad I dropped by. Excited to finally meet Mam Janette Toral who had long been a virtual friend, constantly communicating from twitter, to plurk, PBS mailing list, and online event sponsorships, I just had to be present during her talk in AUL. There I got acquainted with previous US Autoparts’ co-worker Marianne, whom almost pushed me to an impromptu talk about copywriting. Good thing we have other plans then (which is to accompany the guests to a tour around Legazpi), and when I said accompany, I really meant we were really just there for the ride. (LOL)

I arrived in AUL halfway Mam Janette’s speak. She talked most specifically about on-page Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, followed by Sir Gary Viray’s off page version focusing on Link building and the useful tools that goes with it. I really had a lot of fun messing around with Mr. Viray (with the coat and all), that I just knew I had been giggling almost the whole time I was with them, including his talk. Which I believe is a classic talk of what could have been informative gone gross because of his sample www.pataynakuko.com website. Believe me I really thought it was catchy. Sad to say though the mere mention of Money Making Blogs caught his audience attention more than our idea of dead nails. Tsk… tsk… tsk…

We all left (along with another speaker, Hans A. Koch, which I find very intimidating to introduce thinking I might have misheard the Hancock similarity) the rest of the convention hanging with the thought of which is King, content or links? This debate was never settled. At dinner, this dispute grew to a love or money for work conversation.

We all agreed it was more for money… or maybe it was just me? Nah… I’m sure we all said Money in the end.


In all seriousness though, the conference really is something worth knowing. With the growing need for SEO’s which is now being considered the next big thing after call centers, awareness about the topic is very much significant.

I forgot to open the question about which stuff about our meet up is non-bloggable? So I’m best to shut up now. Hmm…

My congratulations to the organizers of the SEMCon Bicol, especially to sir Alvin Perez, and the staff of Aquinas University, along with the rest of the speakers!!!!

Hopefully we’ll experience more of these events in the coming months or so. I’m very much looking forward the mentioned plans.

Till next time!


Note: Photos grabbed from Digitalfilipino.com. And Pataynakuko.com doesn't exist.


Anonymous said…
Hello Andrea. Great to finally meet you in person. Thank you for accepting my invitation to attend the event and join the afternoon activities. Glad that you enjoyed it. As for the content or links / love or money debate, our being on different side I guess made the approach interesting for developing the site garyviray.com.

I think almost everything that was said after the event or outside of it are non-bloggable. LOL!

See you again soon Andrea (either at iBlog5 and/or I'll be there again by summer). Take care!
Anonymous said…
I think I better register that pataynakuko.com and I will let you administer it. lol

Anyways, I hope my talk caught your attention and not that pataynakuko. tsk.. hehe..

til then... cadabish!
Anonymous said…
Hello! ano yung pataynakuko.com? tunay ba yan? hehehehehe! hey andianka, pano daw yang emoticons mo? yang pagkatapos ng Ciao!? pano yan? :D

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