Who Says LIfe is Perfect?!

eto ang trip sabay sabay.. eto ang trip bawal sablay!


Yessssss! Congratulations! I am yet again at the verge of screaming my lungs out... Why have I been so addicted with complications?

I haven't been feeling well writing lately, thus, my work is affected. I'm not the best but guess what!? I do put my heart out in everything I write. Lately, I haven't been catching up with simply spinning articles to make an article... I try most of the time to learn what I'm talking about. Sadly, it had affected my performance. And to think I still don't know how to play the freaking game. Haha! Oh well.. that's what I get for being too compassionate.

Or maybe there still lies some hidden fault there.. Still.. I know my pride at writing something good ruined my recent job. Why in all times did I choose this time to be different!?

Oh well... I'm trying to burst it all out here just because I have no one to talk to lately. I have been wanting to feel appreciated and this is what I get: the consequences of my weakness. HAHA!

So emo.. but then again... at least I get to update my blog... personally after so many absence.

However, it makes no difference since I'm still trying to be careful with what I write. Not that I care whether or not there are still people reading my notes... It does go with my signature in emails. Maybe I should try not to advertise my blog anymore.

Me, me, me... what have I done this time?!

Awwwww... I hate it when things go out of hand just because I'm trying to be exaggeratedly me.

Oh well... I think I'm making a lot of people happy with my falls.

I wanted to curse myself... what I did... but I know it'll only add more harm on my profile... might as well accept the fact that I wasn't that good.

At least in performance. My articles were rated well, I know that... it's the quantity that I had problems with. Plus the headache I get most of the time.

I probably need a more suitable topic.

Let me think about it...


Oh... I feel so low...

I need a new means of output...

I miss the important people that inspire me.

Wish me luck.


Janette Toral said…
Hey Andrea. Hope you are ok na. Don't hesitate to holler. May 2010 be a great year for you girl.
mam janette! thanks for dropping by! i'm fine po.. was just too busy to update again. hehehe.. don't worry, i will holler when i do need help. thank you so much!

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