Featured Seller: Havoc - Axesoryz to Sawa

I'm a sucker for unique accessories.  So when I saw a photo of one of her products tagged to a common friend, I couldn't help but convince her to allow me to feature her here.  Later on you'll find out that it's worth it. ^_^

Shop's name: HAVOC.  Aurea, describes her shop as an everything under the sun type of shop offering a wide variety of accessories.  Soon she says it'll carry some clothes new and preloved as well.  Being an adventurous, outgoing person that she is, Aurea says she doesn't wanna be bound and dictated by the social norms and fashion rules.  She likes exploring the possibilities and finding new stuff and sharing it to the world.

Wow!  I feel like I'm echoing myself over here.  ~haha...

This is probably the reason why I am so instantly attached and enticed on her and her pieces.

Now for the good stuff.  Here's a few of the products you'll find in Havoc.

Her best seller:
Monkeyin' Around Drop Earrings
(now who wouldn't see the fun and style in that?!)

Here's her own personal choice:  "An everyday outfit staple that's unique enough to be always interesting." ~Aurea

Keep the Faith Charm Bracelet
(Isn't this to die for???)
Alright.  This part is where my own favorite item should go... but for the sake of obsession, envy, and argument... LOLs~ I'm going to put a few of what's keeping me all giggly with bliss!

Gossamer Wings Drop Earrings
(Time to unleash the Summer Gypsy in me...)
Be One with Nature
(Simple, yet hits the spot right on!)
Flower Power Drop Earrings
(Kikay to a whole new level!)

And there's actually more where that came from.

Being an accessory maker as I am, it's actually a breeze seeing pretty neat items like these.  It's both inspiring and challenging.  Competition rests when you can't help but be amazed. ^_^

So if you want more, go ahead, like and explore:

Because at Havoc,  if you're not having fun while you shop, 
then that means they're not doing the job right.
Because at Havoc, it's all about YOU.


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