DIY: Cut Out Fringe Project

So I've gotten all obsessed about fringe shirts and just recently decided to follow the DIY tutorials found on the web.  I loved how it turned out that I'm planning to see just how long and how far I can go on cutting and upcycling old shirts and fabrics.

This is why I believed: Scissors, should definitely be kept out of reach of children... and ME!

Anyways, check out my easy breezy, silly tutorial:

My 1st ever Fringe Shirt Project when Worn

How did I do it?

Choose your desired shirt.
Lay it flat and cut out the neckline and sleeves' hems.
Cut the sides, cut the sleeves, imagine how you want it to
look.. and cut, cut, cut...
Horizontally on the shirt's sides up to somewhere on the hip  line.
then vertically on the sleeves and way low on the shirt...

Pull the strands one by one, as much as you can...

Tie the shirt together on the sides.  Double knots, and then
add a few more knots on the fringes on the bottom of your shirt
to give it a little more design.
AND that's it!

You're done!

Wear it proud!

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