Friday, July 5, 2019

Wonder Land

The laughter continues… maybe it's about time to ignore what's really happening. Maybe, this will be the new normal.  Each day of pretending everything's okay, and that we should just move forward without resolving anything for real would eventually lead to just miraculously getting fixed.

Cause, why? Why would you even want to make things complicated, when everyone is doing their part to act as if nothing happened?  What's the point of addressing the elephant in the room? Why risk and be told you're stirring the harmony that's being born out of deceit?

If it means getting fixed in the end, maybe we should just trust the process?

Do you even wanna dare ask, just what kind of end we're all waiting for? What is going to be fixed anyway?

I guess we're just awaiting to grow up after falling in the rabbit hole.  We're being given that "Drink Me" potion as the only solution… everything is all but a fantasy.  Eventually, we'll learn to live in this new world we have weaved.

But until then, we all wear the Mad Hatter's hat, and be silly… after all, we're all mad here.

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