Powerful Storytelling Course (Reaction)

Dear sir Ricky Lee,

Writing had always been my escape. My therapy. In my quest to find purpose to my thoughts, I felt the urge to explore how to make use of this hobby more creatively and hopefully with more meaning. Self-doubt, however, had been an avid demon in my own sabotage.

In my quest to fight against it, I told myself: "maybe, if I learn from the master, I'd gain at least a bit of that confidence, little by little… in my head, you were that master." This is why, finally, I decided to watch your free lectures and interviews anywhere I could find it. I went to borrow Trip to Quiapo from my sister, and even bought the Kulang na Silya as my way of taking the first steps to this path.

The next phase was to take up workshops from you. I am still really shy, so at the moment, I decided to get the self-paced one.

From everything that I've experienced along this exploration, there was never a time that I didn't have tears in my eyes, resonating from your stories. The video clips were short, but each one gave me the validation that everything that you were saying, I was already doing. From listening to music, writing diaries, watching movies, observing people in my idle time, running on emotions and imaginations. It was like looking at an inner me that is wanting to explode. You were like the voice of a higher self soul that I've always needed to listen to. 

Technically speaking, I know I still have a lot more to consider. But, my heart is full knowing that I am given the right push from seeking your presence in my quest. Thank you so much for your generosity at teaching and inspiring the silent creatives needing your guidance. Somehow, I found me a pocketful of pixie I needed to keep me wanting to move forward on this journey. Maraming, maraming salamat po!

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