"Superpoke" Could Make You Lose Your Home

While I was checking my email, I came across this news about a couple who lost their home in connection with being "superpoked" in Facebook. Apparently, an Australian court ruled to allow a mortgage lender to send its demand to the said couple through their Facebook profile. Imagine that! (read news here)

:ha?:Just what are we going to do when all of a sudden, our electric, water, phone and other bills were posted on our profile's wall??? I'm guessing this is the beginning of so many possibilities regarding the significance of the internet in our lives. I'm seeing a future where everyone stays at home, in front of the computer, all day and all night. Wait... I think that's actually the present already. I guess the future would be us, living in our computers? Whatchathink?

But really... what's your take with the situation where the social networking sites would soon be used by legal practitioners or suits to send us legal documents? Could somebody remind me again the boundaries and rules of these social networking places, and the internet use?


Unknown said…
malabong malabong malabong mangyari yan dito sa pinas... tingin ko lang...

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