Lights On

Because the house is pretty much crowded the holiday times, I was required to sleep in my brother's room. One thing I noticed is that his room definitely need desk lamps or something to help illuminate the place. I came across this lamps website and saw quite a lot of lights to choose from. Everything you need is actually there, and they have a product search tool that makes searching for specific torchieres very easy.

With all the options and images shown in that site, I realized I wanted to buy more lights not only for my brother's rooms but for some rooms around the house as well. Say for example lamps and lamp shades that would look great on my parent's bedroom side table. Probably a ceiling fan too for the sala and somewhere in the dining area.

Hmm... that makes me think about redecorating the entire household. But that would also mean a lot of work and quite a heavy expense I might add. Maybe I should stick with buying my brother just the table lamp that he needs first and get to save for the rest of the items that I feel like getting. Yeah, that would be a great idea. At least I have something to look forward to.



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