New year, new challenges to face! And what better way to meet and enjoy the start of the year than to challenge yourself, literally. Yup, I had quite a lot of fun trying out the newest addition in Legazpi's tourist attraction sites, the Zipline (ZIPZFACTOR) located at the Ligñon Hill, Legazpi City. I've seen it previewed on the news some weeks ago but didn't really know that it was operational until a friend confirmed it. The occasional rain during the holidays suspended our plan to visit a couple of times already. However, with back to school and work scheds coming so close, we just had no choice but to go and do it rain or shine.
It was definitely a sight. Seeing the height, with the heavy wind, will almost make you doubt whether you could reach the end of the zipline or be flown back to the start. But hell, you wouldn't know unless you try, right? So we got ourselves listed and the zipline peeps help us gear up. A few more preparations, and some two way radio confirmations for a clear go and we're up to do the slide for life fun experience we've been looking forward for.

I'm very proud of my little sister. I didn't expect her to be so eager. Regardless of the gloomy weather, we were all just so excited to try this activity out. Here are some pics I'd like to share:


My family:

We're actually looking forward the rest of the activities coming soon, especially Rapelling. Weeeeeh! So? Dare to try?:scream:


Nash said…


well gusto ko pero

nakakatakot :(
wow astig to ah! ma try nga to :D

katakot pag maputol yung tali, wala bang nag cacatch sa baba? waaaaaaaa!
Anonymous said…
@nash: actually kahit ako takot nung una. eh kaso, magpapatalo ba naman ako sa mga kapatid ko? kaya go na lang ng go!

@jehz: wala.. kaya habang bago pa iexperience mo na para sure na okay pa tali. nyahahahhaha!
Nash said…
nako eh supehero naman ako dati hahaha so kaya ko din ito amfufu hahaha
Anonymous said…
hi, nice post. btw, is zipline zipz factor in linon hill forever? or until when sila dun?! more pics please! thanks! \m/
Anonymous said…
hi joe! glad you're interested. i don't actually know up to when they'll be staying in ligñon hill. however, i'm guessing they'd be there for a bit more time since they still have a number of a few more attractions that they're planning to add up besides the zipline.
Anonymous said…
waw bago ito! wala pa to sa ligñon hill when i last went there.

it gives me another reason to go back to LGP!

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