Gaga over Envelope Bags: Animal Print Envelope Bags (Limited Edition)

I'm ecstatic!  I have grown a fondness to these envelope bags (the solid colored popular ones), and like I said, when I like something, if I need to buy more and sell it, I would and I did... but guess what?!  I wanted more... so I decided to have these lovely limited edition made.  Check it out!!!

It's bold! It's wild! It's Safari style baby!!!

You won't just find these anywhere... yes... you'll only get it exclusively at my shop: Andreaz' Nook!  And I'm telling you it's way affordable... 

It's available in three different shade leopard animal print designs: (NOTE: Made of synthetic animal printed leather, NOT FUR.)

Black and white leopard animal print envelope bag.
Dark brown leopard animal print envelope bag.
Light brown leopard animal print envelope bag.

What's great about this Animal Print envelope bag is that it's spacious with a dimension of 9.5 x 14 inches (big enough to fit your Ipad, mobile phone, wallet, a book, a short envelope, keys, etc.).  It has detachable shoulder and clutch straps so you can easily style it as a shoulder bag, as a clutch bag, or clip it under your arms as a simple envelope!  Ain't that cool!?

So, what are you waiting for?  Be the first of the few to own these limited edition animal print envelope bags today!

Feel free to like, inquire and purchase at:


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I love leopard style! Will surely check the link. Thanks for sharing.
enzo said…
Cool stuff...I personally prefer the black and white prints.
Awts.. thanks po @Rhea!

@Enzo: the black and white print is actually the last one left from the three designs since those are just samples from my orders.. I really love them all! hehe..
Pooh said…
Hmm.. I'm not very fond of animal print bags. I go for big bags. hehehe.. depende na din kasi sa tao. But those are pretty cool, I agree! Leopard style. Rawr!! :p
The Hippie Mum said…
I love anything animal print! These envelope bags are perfect for a night out. And awesome to pair with... Red lipstick!!!
Noel said…
cool and nice bag but i hope it's not a skin of real animal, only printed one... great stuff..
@Noel: i was about to edit my post to put the note that it's made from synthetic printed leather and not fur. haha.. i wouldn't really recommend it if it was. thanks for noticing. ^_^

@hippiemum: you said it!!!
Karen said…
The black and white leopard animal print envelope bag is good to pair with my printed shoes.
Unknown said…
It's the one print I never took a liking for :) Sorry ... but it does look good on other people.
my friend will love these bags! she's got lots of animal print attire!:)
Bluesolstice said…
looks neat. I do hope they did not come from real animal skin though. :-)
Wow! There are many limited edition of envelope bags in your Andreaz' Nook. Two-thumbs up for the style. It's sleek and neat.

I'm one of those admirers of your envelope bags, RandomThoughts!
yuuki said…
so fab! me like the last pix...did you make it yourself?
Thanks everyone..

@Sir Gil: Thank you very much.. i feel flattered.

for those asking, I edited my post and mentioned that it's not made from real animal skin.. I wouldn't want that myself if it was (it's made from artificial/synthetic printed leather.. so it's not fur). hehe..

@Yuuki: nope, I pleaded one manufacturer to make a few, for myself and to sell.
Hazel said…
If they were fur, Heather Mills would chase you :) They're very pretty, no wonder you're ecstatic.
Jaymee said…
I like the black and white animal leopard :) so pretty
Anonymous said…
Last year fashion predictions ang mga animal prints dito sa UK. December 1, ni labas ng Miss Selfridge and animal print clothing, accessories and shoes. So pretty as pretty as your envelop handbag.
OMG! Im a sucker for cheetah prints, I super love this post. thanks for sharing :)
ralph said…
this is nice, envelope bag... synthetic ba? ingat sa peta... meron bang panglalaki?... hehehe. thanks for sharing. Yahweh bless.
hahaha~ thanks everyone...

@ralph: thought about that.. wouldn't want PETA or animal rights rallying in front of my house.. haha.. yes, synthetic lang sya.

i don't have for men.. used to have solid colors which could work for men like navy blue and black.. they're out of stock na kaso.

but hey.. sometimes depende sa pag carry ng bag, animal print could work on men too. ^_^
Kaisensei said…
That looks super fab and funky! Love it! Though I'm a BIG bag person.. still that looks really cute. :)

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