On Death and Points

Inspired by Tado's death and many others, I couldn't help but wonder how one's life ends, and whether anyone is ever ready... what's there beyond death? and how are we to truly respond? we who are grieving their loss.

Source: Rappler: 'Bio-eulogies' to Tado
Should we like Tado, have our tributes in advance?  Because, like they say, 'no one can tell, if it's your time to go, it's just your time and nothing more.'

He's such a genius.  To be able to voice out an idea that we all are asking every time someone around us dies: "What will others say when I die? My friends.  Family. Relatives. Frenemies?"

With that, the frequent reply at the back of my head is: "If not much of a good thing will be said, and I haven't done enough that I can brag about, I sure am not dying any time soon."  Even if we all know no one says anything bad about a departed.

And then there's that nagging feeling of wanting to 'live life to the fullest', 'now's the time to act', and everything else worth the panicked feeling of 'if i die young, i can't', because unlike the brilliant people that died ahead, I just don't think I've done everything just yet.

I'm not even sure I'm ready to lose anyone either.  Well, who is? Right?

Death.  It's becoming closer to home.  Scratching the surface of my comfort zone.  Do we notice this because of our age?  Is it the social media's fault for it had made all of us closer? acquainted? virtually intertwined. Hi-tech universe at its finest.

Point is, it's always there. The end of the line.  The line itself is a bunch of points.  Hmmmm.. I get it!

Points.  Not a bunch of periods, but points.  Period is the end.  Points, well, can be significant.  To each point an event, an activity, a celebration.  Life... line... make every point count.  That's it.  Let's continue making points.  Did I make my point clear just here?

Oh well.



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