Independence or In-dependence?

i was trying to feel the essence of today's celebration, hoping to feel the significance of the day. everywhere you turn you'd see a Philippine flag showing support, and even the mall where our stall is located demanded that each store should have a flag present and will be fined if you fail to follow. ah, independence?

in my wonder, i texted a friend asking whether or not something is happening connected with the celebration, and incidentally she replied:

"oh yeah! a parade is going on in the city with all these majorettes in micro shorts, a band behind them with the government officials and workers beaming gladly probably becuase of the day off."

other than that, there's nothing more. the day ended as a usual, plain, nothing so special, holiday of the sort.

honestly, what do i expect? i don't even know what sort of freedom we're truly celebrating. is there really something to celebrate about.

true, that our country is free from the influence of foreign land, that's if ever you consider colonial mentality as an exemption which is undeniably at large. admit it or not we live with products made from other lands, not ours. Our economy's growth is on and off dependent on chinese businessmen and tourism.

most of our women tend to marry foreigners for money, not realizing that these foreigners marry them to gain authority over a piece of land that should have been ours. (believe me there's quite a lot of this out there, and i am emphasizing on the word 'most').

many of our youth, or better yet our people, plan to work abroad, doubtful of the income they'd get from here... and so i ask, is that independence? or in dependence?

we are free from other land's influence but we allow the American's to handle our country's terrorism problem.

we are free from foreign influence but our government silences the freedom of speech of many of our journalists, activists, all of which still has open cases left unsolved and not a clue or sign of progress.

so in reality, i came to ponder and make the world wonder the same thoughts that i am bothered with. "what are we celebrating really? if it's freedom, tell me: from where are we free?

simply by looking around us, nothing seems to be free.

we are not free... not yet. and that's the hard reality.

happy in-dependence everybody!:anongnangyari:


Anonymous said…
The definition of freedom is relative.
Talamasca said…
Well, technically speaking, most parts of the country commemorated the obvious: the fact that we, as a people, can do whatever the hell we want with our lives, devoid of expectations from tyrannical countries and all that dark ages crap. But yeah, I'd like to agree with some of your arguments, like how America makes a wide-eyed puppy out of our government and those mindless extra judicial killings.
Anonymous said…
Di ko na-feel na nag-independence day. Parang wala lang.
Anonymous said…

Hindi rin natin matamasa ang kalayaang ipinaglaban ng ating mga ninuno, dahil sa panahon ngayon, tayo-tayo mismo ang sumusupil sa isa't-isa.

Harinawa'y magkaroon din tayo ng pagbabago mula sa ating mga sarili upang sa gayon ay tuluyan na nating makamit ang kalayaang matagal na nating inaasam.

Maraming salamat nga pala sa pagdaan sa nilalangaw kong blog. At dahil diyan, idinagdag ko ang blog mo sa links ng mga bibisitahin ko tuwing may pagkakataon. Rakenrol.
Jigs said…
It's true, we have the illusion of freedom. But can we really say or do anything we want without being judged or reprimanded? I think we are given enough freedom to keep most of the populace satisfied but still gripped tightly by our government.
Anonymous said…
Well we are still tied to the system or rules in this planet. I think the only way to be free from all of these is death

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