Mental BLACK

and so i've heard that almost every blogger had experienced 'mental block'. something that goes when you wish to just type away but didn't know how to start or what to write. mine is plain black. not because i don't know what to write, but because i just have too much in mind (which is useless with the sentences that i should be writing on my task for work today)... here i am again, unloading bits of information, ideas, and thoughts that are bugging me to have a bit of free space inside my head, freshening my mind for work mode.

im bothered. i haven't been blogging the way i used to, or what i've planned in the first place. i wanted to blog to inspire, or something that makes sense. yeah, that's it... blogging that makes sense... sort of influential. humorous... but i don't wanna be like all the emerging blogs. i want to know what media im good at. right?! what's this? reflection time? shocks! the things you do when desperate. wait, im not desperate! just a bit uninspired i guess.

too much work messes your head. although i've had those quickie get aways, it's not enough. or it's not fit to keep you writing about the good stuffs. or bad stuffs that let's you end up with engrossing stories or, oh what the heck i think you get the idea!

here i go again making this as personal as possible (when i said i wouldn't shouldn't couldn't musn't). *sigh*

i have so much stuff that i want to do. (yup that includes a list that i wanna buy).

im still deciding whether i want to join a literary contest for the org. with all these insecurity running in my veins i don't think i'll be able to come up with something that's close to a "TRANSFORMATION" sort of piece. hmmm... i wonder if they meant transformers? but how can that be a real life story if it's filled with trucks turning into robots, huh? harhar! kidding! (ideas are welcome though). hehe...

oh well... that's it for the meantime my dear friends. i told you i don't make that much sense. and i warned you that this is just an unloading entry.

boring much! later! cry


Anonymous said…
ako di pa na memental block.. baka kung sakaling mag tanong ka sa blog ko ma mental block na ako.. ^__^ bigyan mo naman ako ng tanong.. hihihih.. thanks po :)

doon sa magtanong form ha.. ^__^
Anonymous said…
i feel your "pain" hehehe.. sometimes ramblings can produce good content.. once sorted out that is. it helps if you open an .doc and write out everything you think of. then you can go through it and add more ideas... after some time.. you got a whole new entry. :D or simply post it. it's your blog, anyway.. :) dabah?
Anonymous said…
i "so" understand how you feel, dear! OMFG! i mean, i've been busy with too much work and what's left now for me? MENTAL BLOCK din :[
sephthedreamer said…
I'd say this can't be prevented. I had my share of this so I'll share you my secret kung pano to masolusyonan. Sleep. Hehe. A good rest always helps. :-)
Anonymous said…
Yeah. Ditto with Joe. You should rest. It'll help.

And with regards to that contest, why not? Don't be insecure to others' ability. We all have talents.
This comment has been removed by the author.
sabi ng teacher namin sa economics, there is no such thing as mental block... only.... ahmmm... ano nga ba yun? basta yun na yun... hehehe..

na mental block tuloy ako ^__^
andianka... about sa dinelete kong comment.. may maling spelling eh.. at di ko ma edit.. kaya niremove ko nalang.. hehehee...

Anonymous said…
@jemme: wala akong maisip na tanong eh...kasi nga may mental block ako. (parang sakit)

@lurchie: it's probably my moodswing that's working right now making my entry and thoughts a mess. kakatamad.

@mats: busy? im... bored.

@sephthedreamer: sleep. that's hard. im insomniac.

@yna: and i still haven't thought of anything to write. i even suggested it to renz...baka sya na lang. haha!

@jehzeel: hehe... that's okay.
Anonymous said…
Well I have experience mental block a couple of times. My cure for that is usually taking a break and go out have some fun.
Billycoy said…
parang di ka naman na mental block, dami mo ring natype eh...

anyway, dun ako nakakakuha ng idea... sa pagkakaroon ng mental block!
pero uulitin ko.. there's no such thing as mental block daw.. hehehe yun lang po.. uy andianka thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko..

about pano ko naparami yung earnings ko... ahmmm. dumami lang po siya ^__^

wag mo lang tingnan.. hehehe
Anonymous said…
@billycoy: ibang block naman kasi ang nasa mental mo (haha, parang ospital)... block na imbes na harang, eh kahon! maraming laman... :P

@jehzeel: meron mental block, si billycoy ang proof. haha! dko na nga pinapansin adsense eh...

(hmmm... dapat meron din smiley dito sa time.)

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