Success! (almost)

oh the hassles... i finally did it! lol. i couldn't sleep because of this sudden smiley mania i fell inlove with yesterday. i almost spent my entire free (and not so free) time searching hacks for this to be possible. eek

still, this is not the smiley im after for... i'll be tweaking the javascript for this one and try and make my newly installed (see tagboard) borrowed, cool, silly looking smileys to appear in my post instead of this one ---> rolleyes <--- there's still something wrong with it actually, coz when i click on the smiley it appears at the bottom of the draft so you have to move it with your cursor pointer to place it on the desired spot. but i'll stick to this one till i find time to try out my plan... wahhahahhaha! twisted

wish me luck! weeeeeh! wink

note to self: i really think i should have taken computer programming. although im more on hacks and tweaks than making my own. oh well! tata! lol


Anonymous said…
Well I used blogger before and I was obsessed in putting smileys on my posts or comments. You can check since he manage to put smileys on his comments

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