Done with the Silence

In view of Wika2007:

Some of the participants and non-participants question the aim of this contest; obviously, I don’t think its self-promotion, so scratch that. If you’re going to rant about the poll think twice (I was actually doing this before I read that there had actually been rants and now I realized that it’s still ongoing with it), the poll is just a part of it, so I do hope you have read the part where it states that the other percent comes from our judges. A distinguished panel is going through the entries along the week of the poll itself, more likely, as you read this entry.

Unlike its predecessor, the Kalayaan 2007, this time we made sure that the competition wouldn’t be focused on popularity alone. That’s where the decision of having it on 50-50 basis came in. However, there had been claims (just when it’s too late) that 50% for poll is just a bit too much. Geez! As far as I know, they should’ve read about it even before they submitted their entries in the first place. Also, let us not forget that we did ask for your opinion while we were still deciding about this contest and the mechanics were presented for review before it was officially posted on the contest page. Remember the conference?

Another thing, mind if I remind you of one more thought brought to this poll issue. I bet that you’d agree that being able to register is better than what used to be a click all you want scheme. In short, what you’re getting now is what we thought was the better option… better than the previous one, that is.

Still, to compensate the freedom of speech, we made a couple of suggestions to be responded by the participants to make them decide what to do with the percentage on whether or not the poll be eliminated and place the results instead as a “texter’s choice award” (or in this case, net fave? Pulse award?) sort of idea. The answer now lies in their hand.

Who are the judges? Please be reasonable enough. How could you assume that they could actually be a part of the participants? That would be a little too silly for my taste.

Our Judges' identities are withheld for their own security, and might I say for the participants as well. Besides, why worry about it if we will be giving you the names at the end of the competition anyway? Be advised not to focus on the idea that we have experienced bloggers in the panel because those bloggers aren’t necessarily blogging only people. Take note that we also have Filipino and English professors from a highly reputable university in it. Try not to underestimate our judges.


Just what exactly is wrong with the theme? I guess it all lies on how one perceives it. The truth is: there is nothing wrong with it. How about the contest? Again, if the idea confuses you, it’s not bad at all to ask those who know about it right? Well, I’d still want to answer the raised question regarding the theme...

“Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa”

During the early days of entry submissions, a lot have asked what the theme meant. Some even found it absurd, and reacted through their entries too. Yes, that’s creative good for y’all. Anyway, what I do in response is let them read Dr. Nolasco’s keynote, which I bet, would answer all their wonders about the idea behind the theme and the competition itself.

If you still didn’t get the point, this is my piece. The theme agrees on our country being multilingual. So scrutinizing the use of “the Filipino language” to “the” Filipino language (obviously there’s a big difference about it) for my own point of view is just plain wrong. Why? Because the idea doesn’t actually imply on the known Filipino language alone, it’s all of the languages brought into one, thus the use of “the Filipino language”, as a whole. No ‘trying to downplay any other language because yes, I’d agree, that would be -let’s say- irrelevant to the theme? I think that’s actually one of the reasons why the mechanics stated that the entry could be written in any dialect or language, and translation to Tagalog or English is optional, right?

Another side of the questions also includes ideas on how can this many language build a better nation? Well, that’s just it actually. That’s the challenge that this competition wants from its participants. To detail or make your own way of expressing how this idea could help our nation. From Dr. Nolasco’s speech, he wanted to let the whole nation know that teaching your kababayan, wherever you are, using the language that can easily be understood by whoever you are trying to teach is the key to learning, especially in schools. Now it’s up to you to use the same technique, so to speak, here in the blogging world.

All in all, I believe that the competition mechanics cannot satisfy everyone, yet it is done with the exact knowledge of what’s supposedly the best deals so far. If you have read the mechanics before and still participated, it could be out of two things: Either you want to take part on spreading your being proudly pinoy, or you’re just after the prize. Whichever your reason is that’s up to you. But don’t conclude that everyone in it is after the prize alone, because if you didn’t notice, I made my own entry when I am not actually allowed to join. Mine is unofficial. That puts me on the side of the first reason. If I could come up with an entry that’s based on the will to promote the native tongue in our land, I bet there are more like me that joined the competition without expecting anything in return, which I hope everyone would focus on. The prize should act only as consolation to our participation.

Once and for all, I hope we all stop complaining about the mechanics because from what I have experienced in all other competitions, having read the mechanics and joined that means you agree with it, right? So, let's focus on the theme now, shall we? Instead of promoting unity here, what we are doing is another issue that would be an addition in this month’s blogging scandals. Come on people: Do you not trust your co-bloggers that much to indicate the idea of creating his/her own different accounts to vote? Do you doubt the organizers would favor one entry from another? Yes, you are entitled to speak of giving the benefit of the doubt, but here’s the thing: I could honestly stand that I believe the organizers are trying to give you the best options here.

The main thought that we are giving you the privilege to communicate with us regarding different matters can easily give you the idea that we are trying the best we can to provide you a meaningful event. Let’s help each other through this instead of creating too much commotion. Anyway, you will always be there to comment, and we will be listening. You are already watching us, so why be that worried?

Haven’t we had enough of these issues already? Let’s try and take part on this activity on a lighter note. Now, if you’re only doing this for traffic, then I say, find another activity to mess with. Okay?

NOTE: this is a personal post based from my own observation regarding the different points raised in connection to the ongoing Wika2007 writing project.


Darang Sisa said…
very well said... ;)
Anonymous said…
Although the subject of vote abuse would be inevitable, the best that candidates would do is to campaign for their respective entries.

For instance, my blog is in "hard sell" mode right now. Hey, that's better than cheating the system di ba?
sherma said…
we had sort of the same theme way back in high school... parang ganyan din, eh... nakalimutan ko lang kung ano yung theme... sumali pa nga kami ng sabayang pagbigkas... that was the last time I wore a "saya" =)
Jigs said…
More issues! Hahaha! Every competition or event has to have issues!

Adds spice to everything!
Janette Toral said…
Ang puso mo. =)

I still regard Wika2007 as a record to beat in terms of number of entries for a two week submission phase.

Anonymous said…
@darang sisa: thanks!

@empress maruja: ahehe! kita ko nga... hanep ka sa commercial! nice!

@sherma: i could not remember the last time i wore a "saya". probably when i was in elementary?

@jigs: you're simply loving it don't you?? LOL...

@janettetoral: si mam janette! haha! don't worry... heatbeat still okay. blood pressure leveled. haha! yeah! it still is a success! thanks po sa suporta! :)
Talamasca said…
So it's still part-popularity contest? I thought... err... ok I'm shutting up. :-?
Anonymous said…
@tala turned out it still is, but only half. the point was that they knew there was 50% involved even before they joined. it was in the mechanics. oh well!
Anonymous said…
Maraming entries kaya wala masyadong effect sa final standing ang poll. Masyadong maliit ang points na makukuha. Ang pwedeng gawin ng gumawa ng mga entries na wala masyadong votes sa poll (kung gusto nilang mas lalong lumiit ang points sa poll o maging useless iyon): gumawa ng maraming accounts at iboto lahat maliban sa leading entries o isa-isa (isang boto per unique account). Sa ganung paraan, liliit ang agwat ng mga entry at dadami ang denominator kaya lalong bababa ang points na maaaring makuha. :D
Anonymous said…
'ika nga, good or bad publicity, is still a publicity.
Anonymous said…
still after the new accounts eh? oh well.. at least now you've all realized that the poll isn't really much of a big deal after all.

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