It actually sucks when time and days fly so fast without you noticing it. All the hullabaloos in the Wika2007, and busy moments at work and at home, include in a little side line I just got recently (the things I get myself into) resulted in the lack of good posts here in my blog. Yeah, since when did I even come up with something worth challenging in here? Whatever.

Here's a question... do you believe in luck and fortune cookies? It may sound weird but I don't like surprises. My friends and those who knows me calls me killjoy regarding these issues. Most of their attempts to surprise me fails because I tend to spoil it before they could even get started. Sometimes they think I'm psychic. *LOL*

So, fortune cookies are never my thing. I guess that's one reason that the other day was actually my very first time to give in and get one of those fortune cookies in Chowking. (Honestly, Chowking should really pay me for the advertisement.) I've seen my adsense report and believe me I think it's stuck at $2 and nothing more. Anyway, one of the keywords whatchamacallit that hooks with the search for my blog includes "Chowking commercials". Maybe I better shift meta tags to Chowking and start writing about their food and service. Goodness, they really have to pay me bigtime! Okay, enough of them Chowking peeps and service...

Here's proof of my being psychic, and my being a surprise spoiler:

See? I took photos of it after my whole family opened their's... mine was the last one and just before I cracked it I said I wanted to take a photo of it and put it in my blog... coincidence? I think not!

Oh well, maybe... hahahaha!

*drinks coke*

Ciao! :wave:


Talamasca said…
Ah! Classic case of how those fortune cookie gods work their mysterious ways and smile upon lucky people such as yourself! How bloody brilliant!

Start writing about Chowking and their dung-infested caffeinated beverage wtf lol!!! ;-p
Anonymous said…
huwat?! dung infested.. ewwwness!!

now i feel so not lucky.. argh.. LOL!
Talamasca said…
Yup. It's in the news just a few weeks ago. Haven't you heard about it? I think somewhere in Manila yung branch. Malas lang nila kasi ABS-CBN employee/reporter(?) yung nadale nila. She was hospitalized pa nga eh. The girl filed a complaint, so nagkaroon ng surprise inspection and all that. Turned out na hindi sanitary yung kitchen ng branch na yun, and further inspections sa ibang 50 or so fastfood establishments in the metro proved the same condition. Freaky shit, man.
Anonymous said…
hahahaha! i think i heard about the sudden inspections with food establishments but i didn't know it started out with chowking. maybe that's why it turned out on the search stats. oh well... buhay pa naman ako... nyhahahaha!

lakas ng sikmura? LOL.
Lalon said…
haha ang corny ng mga sinasabi sa aking ng fortune cookies. :P

NA = Not Applicable hehe ^_^
Anonymous said…
I'm not so fortunate with these contests and stuff. I always end up losing. Lucky You!
Jigs said…
I don't believe in as much as I believe it is chance and probability.

Those fortune cookies suck! It's not even a fortune! Hehe!
Anonymous said…
@lalon and @jigs: yun ay dahil di talaga sila fortune cookies. barquillos sila na deformed. nyahhaha!

@jm: lucky? coke will tear my stomach. i have hyperacidity! LOL!
Pepe said…
Hey Andia, fortune cookie ba yan o raffle draw ha-ha....! Fortune cookies should tell you about the fortunes di ba, not give you the fortune....! Tama ba yung sinabi ko....? Nalito ako dun a ha-ha....! Anyways, congrats sa coke mo he-he....!

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