What the world is coming into?!

i have been leaving this phrase to every blog or issue that i've gone to and read about...
this is also becoming the newest expression my group is starting to get used to saying whenever we're faced with an unbelievable circumstance, or news. anyway, let's start making a list of the ideas or things that makes me say this:
"What the world is coming into?!"
  • globe price hike - oh yes, im still not over with this issue. im starting to feel the effect of it actually. i dont get to receive good morning, afternoon, night, happy lunchtime, happy meal time (McDonalds?), greetings as often as i usually do. let's include the kmsta? zup? questions as well... good side: they cant annoy or disturb my sleep now. (haha!) bad side: i somewhat miss it. especially if you have nothing to do and you wanna have someone to text to. oh well... we'll see what happens next.
  • PACQUIAO to enter politics - its not that i don't like him... i just think that if he does this, it might ruin the heroic image he has or something. i just don't feel comfortable with it.
    - working... thinking about business... getting serious with life??? this is something new actually. although we've all had experienced working before (or something), we're starting to look forward into, you know, that 'responsible' thing that everyone talks about. this is now the start of getting old... or growing old... whichever. putting direction in life like most of them says.
  • Tere, Inlove?
    - no its not that she's incapable of feeling this. what's weird is that she's talking about it. leaving me with no idea to whom or how... oh well, must be the aura of the Feb-ibig craze. hehe..
  • Rabbit, to go to Virac.
    - longing for his beloved he asked me once if i could lend him money so he'd be able to go to Virac. he says he's so inlove and he's going insane. he needs to be with her. i understand the thought, but come on... i don't have that much just yet. although maybe we could find a way to help. (and then i started telling myself: "can i say that too? oh i miss my habibi, could you lend me money to go to Saudi?" ahahaha! guess that's impossible, right?)
  • Chateau (Peninsulares Library Cafe)
    - speaking of directioning the life issue, Chateau (what Peninsulares' carrying name for now) will open very soon. i think on feb. 8. this is a good thing. the owner of this bar and cafe is a friend of ours . their last business failed, but now their starting with a different approach. better actually. knowing that its a library cafe integrated with internet connections inside, a bar downstairs, and the main showroom for most of Legazpi's artists exhibits will happen here. nice, right?! i wish them all the luck. (yes... i have a new hangout place again! yahoo! looking forward.)
  • FEBulous Hangover
    - A Post Valentine Party that's about to happen this coming Feb. 24, 2007 at Chick in Sombrero Bar and Restaurant. One of the Rotaract Club's (in which i am a member of) 'party for a cause' income generating project. i don't think i'll be able to attend this because of work... argh! (sad reality: work can really be such a kill joy...)
    i have loads to add here, so i'll just continue updating this list... or probably make a part two.. whichever sounds better. for now the highlight will be this:
  • HAPPY 2yrs & 1 MONTHsary!
    - to me and my habibi. okay, i know most couples stop counting monthsaries after the first anniversary. because by then you'll be counting by annives. i made this blog a month late so i decided to greet us this way. (we still greet each other every month anyway, so what everyone else thinks of mushy works best in this relationship...based on my experience.sourgrapes are for the green eyed only.)

*to answer today's what the world is coming into? simple. the world is becoming more and more confusing. still, just like before. people change. things change. some for the better. other's nevermind. whatever happens with our world: life is still a struggle in the learning process of every individual. and the best answer comes from those who looks in their future with an open heart. ready to recieve whatever comes their way. good or bad. the world is great. how? it's in the way you look at it. CHEERS!*


Anonymous said…
I have to agree with u as answered what the world in into now...

Really CONFUSING talaga ngayon!

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