im nominated??? I AM! I AM! wow...

check this out -------->

i was really surprised to see this in my


ever since i started blogging on the net, all i ever expected was to have something i could pour my ideas on. like i told mats: my blog is my own therapy to stay sane. my old blog before were read only by my closest friends. my transfer here in the blogger world is a huge step of opening my book to the public.

i've heard about this Filipino Blog of the Week awards, seen it through other blogs when i surf, but i had no idea i'd become part of it. with your simple tags, and short comments, i had felt the appreciation greatly... and to be nominated is really flattering. i don't need to win or anything, just knowing that i have readers, gaining net friends, is the best welcome hospitality in the blog world that i'll always be thankful about.
i salute talksmarts friendly competition. it's really innovative. glad to be a part of it.
anyway, let's talk sport now:
<------------Vote for my Blog peeps! im not insisting, its all up to you... visit talksmart's blog and you'll find the poll on his side bar.
check [ ] waitwhosaidthat and click vote.
(voting happens everyday)
"whoever nominated me... HUGE THANKS!"


Anonymous said…
Congratulations for your nomination :)
Anonymous said…
Wow. Congrats. As early as your transfer... you are nominated right away. May you bag this week's number 1 hehe
Riker said…
wow nominated!!..hehehe.. will vote for you! :D
Anonymous said…
hello there! imma first timer to your blog, :)

congrats on getting nominated! and goodluck!
Robyn said…
Anonymous said…
Congratulations po! hehehheh! navote na kita! mangangampanya ako mamaya para sayo! heheheh ;)
Leah said…
congratulations on your nomination. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Deesee said…
hey! congratulations on being nominated ^_^

you've a cool blog here ^_^

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