Deep Shit?

I saw this chowking commercial. Have you seen it? There’s a group of high school friends that later on showed how they spent almost their entire life eating in chowking as one of their favorite hang out of some sort: Snaps of life from high school, then college, as bachelors, and then with their wives and kids.

Then I started realizing it. Life can actually fly that fast doesn’t it? One minute you’re a kid glad with every toy you get, the next moment you’re a careless teen, life then changes in your college years, and before you know it, you’re killing yourself working to earn enough money for a living.

Still, people are racing… always in a hurry to get there… to get where? Why? And how? We are never satisfied with what we have… what do we really want in this life? These are questions that not every one can answer… when will we realize that we’ve had enough in life? When we’re on our death bed ready to die? What if we’re actually dying and still we couldn’t say we were happy with our life? What are the things that will make you say, “I missed out on this stuff, if only I could turn back time…”?

Regrets – Dissatisfaction – Envy – Pride – Low Self-esteem – Lack of Faith – Doubt: These are what build up the pessimistic mind. If you cater these stuffs inside you, then it’s no wonder why we question life so much. I don’t blame you though. I can’t say I’m free from all these, that would be hypocritical. But there are times that you can actually ignore it. Hard as it may seem, but you can.


Pretend. Wake up each day like it’s the first day of your life. Be excited about what the day can give you. Look in the mirror and tell your self, “I look good!” It is not a matter of being conceited, or feeding your ego. It’s feeding your positive energy. If a bad comment comes your way through your own mind, shake it off. Acknowledge the pain and the troubles that come your way during the day, but don’t let it eat you alive. There are things that are worth thinking about but mostly are stuffs that you should ignore and get going. Don’t let other people push you down… but don’t be too naïve either. Appreciate the comments that can add up in making you a better person. Discard the rest that only gives you headaches or heartaches. Stand proud. Even if you don’t feel too good about yourself you should always try to show off a little confidence. If you keep doing this you’ll eventually learn to be brave. Laugh. Let your imagination fly. There’s always something to laugh about. A silly cloud formation, a corny joke you hear from the jeepney’s radio on your way to work, anything… be creative. A good laugh in the midst of trouble is comforting, believe me. Appreciate. Try to find something that would make you say life is still great. A cute little baby smiles at you, kids playing happily along the streets, lovers displaying their affection, and yes, you may be bitter but let it go. Be happy for them and be hopeful. There’s always something for you out there. Feel the cool breeze, or be grateful of the blue sky. Appreciating the simplest things that you can see through your surrounding can make your heart light as a feather.

These are just a couple of the things that I know works for me. I have problems too. But believe me. A few laughs with a friend even if you’re in deep shit can lighten up the load sometimes. Don’t fight with your problems. If you think there’s no solution to it then simply flow and see what’s to come. Life is not life without the bitterness of it. You can never say which taste’s better if you have not taken a bite from each.

A little conversation that I want to share:

FRIEND1 : What do you do when you know you’re in deep shit?
ME : Don’t breath.

FRIEND1 : So you’d rather die?
ME : No. I’m still alive, right. I guess I’ll try and cope up with it.

FRIEND1 : When you’ve coped up then what?
ME : Then you live.

FRIEND1 : That’s it?
ME : I guess so.

FRIEND1 : What if you find yourself in another deep shit yet again?
ME : Cope up again. Life will always be filled with deep shit. You jump from one shit to the next until you get flushed down the toilet.

That’s just life. Either you live through it, or you live out of it. It’s your choice. Living your life to the fullest is always the best way. Learning is a key. Life is what you make out of it. It will always be your life anyway, and no one else’s. Just something for you to think about.

Till next time! : )


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