Lift OFF?

are you ready for the flight to Destination Freedom? if so, please fasten your seatbelt and read the rules on board while you wait for lift off.
(i got this excerpt from a book that i intend to read more about. the book is called Destination Freedom by Ramtha and Douglas Mahr. this book is a great guide to your personal enlightenment. this chosen part of the intro is one that catched my attention the most, and the entire writing style made it feel like you're about to learn how to fly a plane into superconsciousness and learning what love is...Godly, and humanly.)
prior to takeoff, check the following emotional switches, buttons, and programs. place them in their make-ready positions for Flight level: Superconsciousness. any time you're switched ON to these feelings, you are living in limited mind.
    1. Check your Doubt switch; turn OFF your doubt of everything, everyone, and self.
    2. Is your Limitedness switch on? turn OFF everything that you think you are not.
    3. Check you Hate button; flip it from standby to OFF.
    4. Set your Bitterness button to OFF; the past is the past.
    5. War switch to OFF; war is simply with self.
    6. Disease switch to OFF; you don't need the identity any more.
    7. Unhappiness switch to OFF; grab your joystick and prepare for takeoff to Flightlevel: SuperC.
    8. Misery switch; flit it from standby to OFF - who needs misery?
    9. Judgement of Others program; reprogram to Love of Others program for effortless flight.
    10. Turn the Living for Others and Dying for Others program to OFF. This is the living to please the whole of the world who shan't ever be pleased program.

with all these on ready, you may now fly in to the next navigation! Enjoy your ride on Flightlevel: Superconsciousness, everyone! : )


Anonymous said…
i'll try this and copy it on my journal and have those around me read it...

i'll check it's effectiveness... ;)

thanks for this Anka! :)
Anonymous said…
oh sure no probs... anytime as long as it inspires my readers, i'll be glad to post entries like this. :D
Anonymous said…
one of kind talaga!!!

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