Roman Blinds

Add elegance and style on the interiors of your home with Terry’s Fabrics Roman Blinds! With crisply pleated neat horizontal folds, these Roman Blinds are a neat add on to your window with its functional look that is perfect for a modern home and is very economical on fabric.

It may look simple from the front, falling in a series of level folds down to the sill with streamlined pleats behind it, clever system of rods, and slipped into tape casings at the back of the blind will hold the folds straight.

With its functionality comes the ease of raising and lowering it by pulling or releasing the cords that are run through pockets in the taped casing. They also offer a Roman Blind Kit for the Do It Yourselfer peeps out there.

So what are you waiting for? Get that interior aura of yours into action by giving your window a Roman Blind today.


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