one/fifth of my five day summer vacation

oh yes! congratulate me people/friends/readers! i was able to do quite a number of stuffs during my five day vacation and the best part would be this swimming gimmick with my friends and my bf's siblings... although there were just like, six of us, we really had a good time eating out, grilling pork, a few drinks and some good old photo shoots with tanning swimming to the max!

if not for my aching body right now i wouldn't complain. anyways, my body ache isn't from the swimming though. the next day after that outing, the whole family went to this hill which has become famous because it over looks the whole legazpi. a perfect jogging spot, but excuse me i just walked... and then going back to its foot there's a tennis court where i get to play (more like learn how) swinging the ball right to the other court. harharhar!

really it was one hell of an unexpected exercise and now my entire body, from head to toe, add in my runny nose due to a cold and an itchy throat, im really not feeling well. overwhelmed i guess... weak body but a grin on my face. last two days for my short vacation... what's next on my list? i don't know yet... but i'll be updating you guys about it soon.

anyway, here's a photo of a mutated sea monster: oh well... Happy summer time everyone!


Anonymous said…
Sarap naman! Kami di pa nakakapag-swimming pamilya. Pero dapat bago mag-end ang vacation magawa din namin yan :)
Anonymous said…
ang saya!!!
gusto ko na tuloy mag BEACH HOPPING! yung last time na nakaEncounter ako ng mga starfish, sa Palawan pa and I think that was 10 jurassic years ago!!! :(

awww... can you send me some of the starfish? yung isang guy, parang si SANJAYA! :lol:
Anonymous said…
sanjaya! haha! si bob marley ang ginagaya nya dapat, kaso tinanggal nya na dreads nyang hair eh.

beach hopping. that would be really exciting! paitiman na ulit!

(binalik namin sa dagat ang mga starfish na nagamit sa picture na ito) hehe!
Raein said…
cute starfishes xD hahaha. i love beaches! lalo na sa palawan :)
Glenna said…
nakakatawa nmn un pictures mutated sea monster. ehehe. :P

it's nice na u enjoyed ur vacation. :) take care always! :)
Anonymous said…
DAYUM!!! oo sanjaya, na sanjaya siya! i swear! :)

(padalan mo ako ng starfish!!!) :D
Chris said…
cool :) totoong starfish ba un? hehehe.

btw mind if we link-up our blogs?

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