2012 New York Spring Trends: Colour Blocking

This is not entirely a new trend, but it's been in the hots for awhile now since Spring of 2011... and it's said to stay longer.  So to keep up with one of the in thing this coming Spring, be informed with what Colour Blocking means.

Color block dressing: J. Crew (from Stylist.com)
Colour Blocking simply put, is an attempt to combine blocks of colors in an ensemble may it be for your top, skirt, bottoms, a dress, and even your choice of shoes, handbags, and accessories.  Some would even go to the lengths of adding color blocking on their nails, and if you're up to it, the hair!

Vogue describes colour blocking being loud and proud colour combinations that makes for a dynamic and confident look.

Some of the tips on how to use this feature/trend is to:

Remember the Complimentary Colors.
    • Team colors of the same family together.  It will give that harmonious look.
    • Keep warm tones like red and orange closer together as well.
    • And to keep it simple, use a neutral colored shoe.

The next combi to try is to Mix It Up.

    • Think contrasting colors like fiery orange with purples.
    • Lime green, melon, with rosebud pinks, to give that jarring combination.
    • And then contrast it yet again with your shoes, or your handbag.

So?  Dare to be bold with colors this year?  Just remember, if you can strut it, then go wear it!  As long as you're having fun with what you're wearing, who's stopping you from showing it to the world....



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