Featured Seller: TRICKY TRINKETS

A nurse turned jeweler.  

Jean of the Tricky Trinkets worked in the ICU back in 2009.  A girl who is fond of accessories, resigned from work and decided to put up her own online store in 2010... she's proud to say that her shop still works well up to now even if she's already working as a treasury assistant in a private company.

What's best about Jean's story is that her fondness for accessories is actually what triggered her into making her own (a story I could well relate to).  One of these crafty outcomes, is her best selling yet version of Kidada wraps. (and I'd have to agree, although she is a competition, we just can't get enough of these Kidada, can't we???)

Personalize your Kidada with your name on it!

Why, here are a few more items that you'll find in her shop:

Definitely Dazzling, her:
Be Dazzled Collection
This one is my own favorite which I would really like to have!!!
(isn't it the cutest???)


So, what are you waiting for???? Go give her a visit:


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