Featured Seller: ELIZA RUTH STORE

This is story of a mom and an online selling growth.

Jenne of Eliza Ruth's Shop started her online business by selling Fibisco cookies and generic diapers.  Yes, those yummy childhood biscuits that's probably a favorite of a lot of people!!! That cookies!!!

Generic diapers back then were her idea of saving and earning by buying wholesale diapers and selling the rest of it to her friends.  After some time she then decided to add more products in her online store.

Jenne chose to have an online shop because she wanted to earn while having more time on her hands for her baby, and the best of it all is being her own boss!  Nothing beats those reasons... She gets her freedom to do whatever she wants, sell whatever she likes, any time of day, in all her free times, while taking care of her little girl.

Her best selling item remains to be her generic diapers.  Being an advocate of selling products of our own (quality Philippine made) that are easy on the budget especially for mommies like her, she wants to give her customers reasonable prices because she herself know the feeling of being ripped off from necessity products like these.

Check out what other items she has to offer, visit her shop at:


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