Eyeglasses for Fashion

This opportunity's timing is perfect... I was just on the lookout for those popular nerd fashion glasses, and voila, I get to review one of the #1 online glasses store there is: Zenni Optical.

Do you know that they offer the latest AR coating, Finger print resistant also known as Oleophobic coating, which also is an anti-reflective coating.  Pretty neat, right?  What's best about this feature is that its very advanced version: super-hydrophobic/oleophobic coated lenses effectively repels oil, water, and dust besides fingerprints while reducing annoying reflections.  Lenses stay clearer, and makes it easier to clean.  The reduced reflections are helpful when driving.  You won't get too much of those overhead light reflections, and you want to know what else?  You don't even have to worry taking off your glasses when photos of you are being taken!  How cool is that?! Definitely lots of lesser hassle for anyone wearing it.

With all these special features you might even forget you're wearing an eyeglass sometimes.  I know I'm going to enjoy this real nice coating if ever I need to purchase one.

Oh, the fun doesn't stop there.  Zenni optical actually offers as low as $6.95 prescription glasses with the said oleophobic coating!  That's very affordable for something so sleek!

Check out a few of what I feel like getting (all for only $6.95 each!!!):

Harry Potter glasses???

Neon glasses are very much in the trend!
I love this one!

And of course let's not forget: the Retro glasses, FTW!
I just so love browsing online... now... if only I'd be able to get me one of these lovelies. ^_^

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