Featured Seller: Sabizca Iloilo

Sometimes all it takes is a lot of will power and family's support.

That's how and why Sabizca Iloilo started her online business.  Although she didn't know how to do it, and where to start, she still went through with it.  With guidance from her family and then soon enough the others sellers she became friends with, Sabizca Iloilo is now getting the hang of this kind of business.

Basically, she began by selling her twin sister's preloved stuffs that had been stuck in their cabinet.  And then, when her relatives in the US learned about her business, they started sending her more items (US Authentic) to sell.  Yes you read that right... Sabizca Iloilo's items are a variety of perfumes, fashion jewelries, shoes, make ups, and plenty more... the best among her items so far are the:

Authentic Michael Kors/Calvin Klein bags!!!

Michael Kors Bag
Sabizca's Personal Fave: Michael Kors
Her best selling items are her perfumes:

Authentic Smart Collection Perfume(Made in France)

Now, as for my personal fave from our lovely featured seller... i'd say ever since that VS Fashion Show with Maroon 5's "Move Like Jagger", I chose this:

VS Pink 
Now... I've always dreamed of someday wearing sexy VS tops or whatever... if I wear this tee would I become a VS bombshell??? Lols~

So, if you want any of these or want to see more of Sabizca's products... just visit her and maybe ADD HER UP! Go, go, go! ^_^

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