Featured Seller: Artiste Vanitas

Artiste Vanitas (Vanity Art) definitely is very appropriate for this shop.

Inspired by other online shops that creates their own stuffs, Mimi braved making her own accessories and decided to put up a shop of her own.  Voila! Her items wouldn't disappoint.  She's right when she said that her works are her best accomplishes so far... and it gets better by the minute.

If you're in search of unique vintage and boho inspired accessories, then this shop's worth your visit.

Her personal fave among her items is this:

Bow Arm Wrap (bracelet)
It is also her best seller yet.  She says this is one of the easiest items to make.

Here's a few of my personal choices:

On tassels: Bracelet or Necklace (your choice)
Her collection of Fab Boho Earrings <3

I also love her version of these:

Detachable Doiley Collars
Ending this post by what Mimi says about her work and her shop: 
"My shop is a piece of me. It is a piece of my own individuality, so i may say. I love everything I have put in there. I see my shop, as more than a shop of accessories, it is the way I live, and how I live, it is my own art. It is my own way of living artistically." 
~Mimi Lazaro
If you want to see more of her products, feel free to visit, like and browse:

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