Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"wait, who said that?!"...the beginning:

isn't my usual line when my minds are battling with each other...yes, minds! do i have to explain it again? i know...i can hear and myself talking inside this skull of mine. oh my god sometimes i drive myself crazy with all the thoughts that come rushing in debatable circumstances. the sad part though is i don't always understand which one to listen to or to focus on. sometimes i imagine there's a crowd in there. oh well, im only aware of the two voices in my head. nothing more. all else comes from outside.
hmm... however... after posting this new blog all excited and all, my mind came to a set of tranquility. or maybe one part of me is hiding. whichever it is, im in deep peace right now. so there's not much noise to talk about. im trying today so bear with me...
im starting to drain my mind with the work i now have... yeah... brain dead as usual... i feel like i don't talk that much anymore because im again getting used to typing everything that i could think of... especially for my job. oh well... at least it will be useful for this blog right? lucky me.. (noodles) hahaha!
but... lately i realized that a lot of the new friends i gained comes to confide in me... amazing... i've lost interest in sharing my thougts and friends to turn to and those sort of stuff. i choose my friends wisely this time. i don't trust easily anymore. although... who cares anyway... im being careful and that's good enough change. and the ones left, with the new ones that im starting to build, their creating a new person in me... oh yes! like the way we put it, 'our ego level is way up in the sky sometimes...'
next time i'll share our usual conversations here... you'll be surprised how weird our minds could go... it can drop to stupidity then soar back up to wisdom in one sitting... loads of fun actually.
people still do listen... that's a lesson i'd keep in mind for today. why? i'll tell you next time. for now, i'll savor the idea that im back on counselling. :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


do i really need to do an intro for this? how about this:
i have been trying to look for a good blog i could transfer to... i have an online journal found here: but i wanted something new where i could express more. especially on the customizing field and all that, since like i mentioned in my profile, im into designing and the like. stretching my creativity i guess. anyway, i have no real target yet as what to put in my entries. except that of course it will be from my thoughts. the usual opinions and stuffs like that. and yes, i did mean what i said in my blog's description. my mind speaks too much and sometimes i get debates inside my head so i know writing it down would help a lot to keep me sane. :)

hopefully i'll find some topic that could interest my readers... if i'll get one, you know. probably will. who cares?!
but here's a rule i usually follow though:
"i know my rights to the freedom of speech, but i do respect ones right to privacy."


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