Monday, January 14, 2008

the comeback? or not...

i guess i have had enough of this uncalled for hiatus. however, with the lack of anything good to write besides the frequent blabbering of how life sucks so bad, i really have no choice but to stay silent.

how am i really?

disturbed. confused. and yes, with that two words it's best to say that when someone told me to "GROW UP!" it actually caught my tongue. a huge SIGH is all i could muster in response.

the truth is, my mind is occupied with so much thoughts racing uncontrollably. useless thoughts that are only messing up what could've been a good plan. or maybe i never had a good plan. i just thought i had.

all i know is, when suddenly the least person that you expect starts to make sense, and you hear echoes of the same sense surround you through everyone that you care about and love, you realize that there really is something wrong with your life.

realizing, however, is easy. it's the next step that's quite frightening. this is my happy new year update. or am i simply imagining that i'm really typing it?

kumusta naman kayo?


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