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Do you want your Online Store to be featured in this blog? Tell us what's hot in your store, and why your store should stand out and we just might find time to help you boost some traffic to your page, site, or profile. Grab this chance to be talked about!

Simply fill out the form (yellow area) below, and I will come visit your page/profile.. probably ask a couple of things or maybe just post your online store as it is.

This is going to be so cool! ^_^



You can also become my Sponsor. or become my genie and grant my ~Wishlist~... anyways, if you feel like it... you may be able to message me at:
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chai galapon said…
Hi. I just filled out your form, Hope you received it. No note appeared if it's successfully sent. Thanks and more power to your blog site..Hope mine will be featured soon...
Love Doll said…
I accidentally pressed enter T____T I'm not finished yet! Waaah! Hahaha!
hi ms. Chai, I sent you a friend request and a PM regarding your submission.

Love Doll, that's funny! ^_^ anyway, sent you a PM too.

Thank you!
Tricky Trinkets said…
I've sent a form. Hope to be featured in your blog. God bless! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi.. sorry for being babo.. but i can't locate the form..
Hi! The form is right above this comment area.. the big yellow area with the questions in it.. just answer those and hit submit form.. ^_^

Looking forward your response!
Hi,Pieces N' Creations Co. already filled out the form and was able to sent it successfully. We are looking forward to read your blog about Pieces N' Creations Co....We also have an Audio-Visual Presentation if you want...Thanks for the opportunity.
Claire Boutique said…
Hi there, Ms. Andi! Thanks for the opportunity to feature online merchants like us. We at Claire Boutique give our thanks. Filled-up form already submitted. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Tuesday Freya said…
Thanks for this thread! I filled out your form, let me know if you need anything else.
Hi~! I filled out the form. Love your blog. :) Hoping to be featured here. And I'm looking forward for your response.
Hello everyone! I got a little overwhelmed with the surge of applications... please bear with the preparations I'm doing to make each posts about your shops. I never knew too many cool shops until now! Hehe... You will hear from me very soon!

Thank you all for all for joining our free ad campaign! ^_^
Aromacologist said…
Thanks so much! I hope you will feature my store :)
Hey, thanks a lot for doing this :) We hope you received our form.
tweemee said…
Hi, just signed your form. :) I hope you'd feature my shop. :) thank you and God bless. :D
Ms. Andi said…
Thank you for joining everyone.. I do hope I did receive your form. Anyway, I did check and PMd those that I think wasn't successful in sending their answers.

Anyway, I'll msg each of you once the post is up... it might take a little while though due to the number of shops that enlisted.

More sales everyone!!
Anonymous said…
I already filled up the form. Thank you very much! God bless...
cleofe mallari said…
thanks! i already filled up the form and hope that you'll feature my store. God bless!

Unknown said…
This is so nice. There are a lot of online shops around that sell really good stuff. =)
Angie Mesina said…
Thank you for your interest in featuring online sellers! It was a fabulous idea. We hope that we can send you samples of our Gourmet Dark Chocolates for your indulgence. Just tell us where to send it. And the offer for the blind taste test stands... Cheers! - Wicked Indulgence Confectionery
Oh wow! Chocolates! What girl can resist that?! weeeeh! Thank you for your interest mam Angie.. I sent you a PM in your FB account po.. hope to hear from you!

-Andrea Karlsan Zapanta

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