Tuesday, May 29, 2007

excuse me...

i know, i know... im way delayed with the updates about the other half of my summer getaway... my apologies. im a bit busy at the moment and struggling with my mood. also, unexpected things came up and i'm somewhat in trouble. too much bills to pay im almost six feet under. ahehehe! (exagge? i think not.) anyways, besides the summer experience, i also have bumpcar ride pics i plan to upload and share. i have become fond of riding it for reasons i'll speak of once i find the time. well, that's all for now. and yes! more updates to come soooooon! till then! ciao for now!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

island camp...

im back! oh yes, the island getaway was so much fun and as promised, i am posting a few pics (as if this is considered few) and would be telling you all about the trip. first off, i have to state that my schedule to Donsol, with the whale sharks, the next day was cancelled. so sadly, im forced to put off my meeting with the big thing. *sarcastic smile* and instead, spend the rest of my day exploring the beach (which is a fishing village actually) along Behia, Magallanes.

we had to wait for the national christian youth fellowship (cyf) president first for we were tasked to meet up with her and be her guide, accompany her on the way to the camp site (that's because my friend 'the president of the south bicol cyf' was under the impression that we knew exactly how to get there, yeah keep dreaming, well i guess we did, a bit). this was the cause of our departure's delay.

remember too that, that day, i had no sleep yet because i came out from work, went home to get my things, and went straight to the meeting place. having to wait for more than three hours out on the city with no bed whatsoever is tedious and totally exhausting. not to mention money wasting due to the only resort of entertainment we could focus on at that point was EATING. realizing the travel time that we had to endure later on, the exhaustion was multiplied to the nth power even before the journey.

anyway, their party (the national president along with a pastor and the north bicol president 'unexpected') arrived around 10am and we sort of estimated our time expecting that we'll be in Sorsogon after two hours. then someone blurted out something like, "but i thought it'd only be an hour to get to the campsite?", i turned around to ask "who told you that?", she replied, "why your president, of course." we all looked at each other a wide grin on our faces, and replied, "he must've been not himself, it will take two hours for the travel time to the city alone (Sorsogon), and there's like another two hours ride to magallanes, plus a few minutes boat ride and a bit of a hike to the camp site. brace yourself. it's gonna be long."

midway to Sorsogon we had to stop for lunch. after a few minutes we hurried b
ack on our way, arrived at Sorsogon around 1pm. transferred to a jeepney going to magallanes and once again proclaimed our depicted arrival of 2:30 or less. (hoping terribly for less...) while travelling to magallanes, someone texted me and said they're the ones waiting for us with the boat. ah... we were glad about this. that means upon touch down we'd be instantly transferred to the boat, the sooner we'll get to the camp site. great!

alas! we finally reached magallanes, and to our surprise, we looked for our boat and it's nowhere to be found. the party that was waiting for us was there though, and was told to send a message to the campsite informing them to send the boat to the pier where we are. we did... turned out there was no available boat... they had to cram to look for one,

and we waited and waited for another two hours! sum it all up? it was a whole day travel! (well, almost! it did feel that way!)

well, when it did arrive anyway, we went on it (with feebly legs), and became (finally) seriously excited to see the camp site. we we're of course greeted by the lovely village view of the place, and soon enough, the fun began!

continued on next post...

Friday, May 18, 2007

water, water here i come!

i'll be taking advantage of my new work sched. i used to work tuesday to saturday, now it's monday to friday meaning i'll finally be able to spend my weekends in real time. hahaha! so, im off to an island trip tomorrow. going to visit my co-church's youth camp in Magallanes, Sorsogon. overnight. the next day i'll be going to Donsol, Sorsogon (home of the whale sharks) to meet my family. wish me luck. i wanna see that famous huge fish galore and hopefully i'd be able to swim with it. (if im able to gather some gutts!) although seeing it from atop would be fine, just not too near, but who knows?!

so after work tomorrow morning (yup morning, because im in graveyard shift), i'll only be dropping by to get my things at home then i'll be off to the terminal to meet a friend and we'll go to the place together. probably have my rest along the journey. this will be my only chance to spend a real summer getaway. i love the beach and i'm really looking forward having this break. it may sound a little rush but i up to make the best of it.

it's not like im gonna be partying or something, but a little peace and quiet by the shore, a little more tanning and i'd be glowing cheerfully again. can't wait.

what i really want is to have some time alone to regress and contemplate. get a break from the busy working life routine.

im hoping i could get some pics to share to you... yeah i better put that in my to-do list. haha!

see you soon blogmates!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You've Got Mail

Isn’t it funny how our computer inbox would be filled with so many emails? The only sad part along this idea is the spam mails. Oh yeah, it really annoys me. The worst part is when the real mail accidentally gets through your bulk mail and you didn’t notice. By clicking the ‘empty the bulk mail’ button you will lose that mail forever without knowing whether you lost a really important business message, or an email from a long lost friend. Really sad. Which then made me wonder, what about if we go back to the same old mailboxes by the lawn sort of thing?

I know a lot of us still use this amidst the internet connection. It actually is more comforting and touching receiving handwritten mails rather than computerized forwarded messages. You’ll surely feel the effort when it’s written personally through pen and paper. That would be so wonderful! I came upon this site which is a distributor actually of high quality residential mailboxes as well as commercial mailboxes. I visited their site at mailboxiexchange (pronounced as mailbox exchange) and found quite a lot of different mailboxes to choose from.

It was really fun browsing at the different some where ancient looking, others a bit high tech and the rest are just pure outstanding mailbox designs. If you have a mailbox like the ones I saw being offered in that site I would be tempted to ask my friends to write me through air mail instead of the net. I urge you to check it out sometime. You know. Just for curiosity’s sake.

this is a sponsored post...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if i win...

Well, i was asked to choose among the different prized you could win in the lowest bid auction of some site called Bid4Prizes. i looked around at the options and found out that out of the big prizes waiting there, i wanted this APPLE iPhone the most if given a chance to win. Why that? Because, I've always wanted to have a laptop, an ipod and a new cellular phone, and this iPhone is a three-in-one so to speak so i get all three if i win.

the only problem is i haven't joined the contest yet... hmmm... maybe i would... well... see yah later! how about you? which one would you like to win?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mi MAMA, and many others...

I’ve been saving this tag from joy for the right moment and occasion, well here it goes:

This coming 2nd Sunday of the month as we all know, is the day to celebrate the very woman of our lives. The one who brought us into this world, our very own mother!

REAL Mom’s:

… would be the most beautiful person for us. My mom is like that for me. Even my brother thought so too… I guess we all feel that way. No matter how strict, or how irritating they could be sometimes with all the nagging and such, you just can’t deny the fact that they’re only doing this to show they love you. They love us. Yes, they do. Moms are not perfect. Yet they have that quality that will always linger in our hearts and minds. They have the touch that no one else can give. The comfort of their words never fails to work. My own experience taught me this. Usually I don’t confide neither my problems, nor my feelings with my dear mother…guess age has something to do with that… but at the last minute that no one else can help me, she, whom I left out from the choices became the one with the last say, and I must admit, the only perfect solution offered. After that I came to believe, that they always know the right things to say. Their presence is powerful. The mere looks on their faces, tells you exactly what you need to know. I love my mom so much…

… are the ones whom knows the right food and the right stuff for you. She’ll have the wisdom that could lift your spirits high. Her wild expectation could really push you to the limits. Her words are moving. Although my mom has similar effects on me, her sister (my aunt), is someone I equally look up to as well. One of the best moms I know.

… cares to be your friend. Offers a helping hand when she knows you’re on a confusing cross road. Makes a day with her, a similar experience you’d get when you’re out with your best friend. Sometimes you’d forget that she’s someone’s mom… until you remember, that, “oh yeah, she’s my boyfriend’s mom…” She’s one of the coolest moms I know.

… are those struggling to raise their kids alone. My early mom friends with kids on their care trying to survive positively on the newest single parent’s trend brought in our generation. Not that it was a choice, but they are there, standing strong amidst the hardships. The things that they have to endure for their kids, their efforts will be their biggest strength on facing the real world.

REAL MOM’S are the moms I’ve come to know and looked up to, (besides my own mom of course)… someone who inspires you to be better, and believes in you even if you’re way down below.

Like the usual print on a t-shirt: “I’m the prettiest girl in the world, according to my mom!” and I agree, hehehe…

To my MOM, and to all the other mothers out there! Be proud!


(pictures to follow..)


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This is Andianka, reporting!

because i can't seem to find the time to update my cover story over what's happening with Julia Campbell's case, i made a few researches about the follow up leads with the killing. i quoted below a probable summary that's enough to express the ideas on the recent activities regarding the suspect's surrender which i happened to hear over the news.

Taken from

The man suspected of beating to death a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines gave himself up Friday and confessed on television, saying he erupted in rage when she bumped into him as he was fuming over a feud with a neighbor.

"I admit it, yes. I killed her, but I did not do whatever other people are thinking I did," Juan Duntugan told ABS-CBN television, apparently referring to speculation that Julia Campbell may have been killed during an attempted rape or robbery.

"I did not plan to kill Ms. Campbell, harm her," Duntugan said, appearing remorseful and shaking his head.

He claimed he dropped a bundle of clothes when Campbell, embarking on a solo hike April 8 to see Ifugao province's famed mountainside rice terraces, bumped him from behind.

"My mind went blank," Duntugan said. "I did not know who she was or what she was. I got a rock and I hit her on the head. If I can change my body for hers, I will do it. But that's not possible. Whatever punishment you will impose on me, I will accept it."

Click here to read the rest of the article from FOX...
In other news (wow...feeling reporter!):
My moderating chatroom dreams or whatever online schemes are put on hold when im at home because of our province's electric company 'blackout every two hours' project. well, it seems like a project for me because we've been experiencing it for quite some time now. imagine having the need to sleep in the middle of the day with the sun burning the house down without the aid of an electric fan, but you just have to because you're on a graveyard shift later! waaaaaah! i have no idea what it's for but jokes regarding the upcoming election connection is becoming a lot of fun.
FRIEND & ME TALKING: "i bet their having a ballot box exchange drill everytime the power goes down, and they haven't managed to perfect it yet..." (and so the blackout continues)
so for now... i have to go back to work and stop blogging... (like that's gonna happen!)
Peace Out! yeah!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

coming soon

haven't found time to update my post.. anyways, watch out for my next entry. i'll be answering your questions regarding Julia soon enough... how bout tomorrow? ahehehe!



excess: im also checking out my ads... harharhar... am still obsess with earning money online... how bout freelance writing? anyone out there willing to hire me? PRETTY PLEASE!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


just a quick request:

Tomorrow, May 3, 2007, a prayer rally will be held in PeƱaranda Park, Albay in memory of the Peace Corp volunteer
Julia Campbell at 5:00pm... let's all join in by lighting a candle asking justice for her untimely death, and may she find peace on her journey to our Lord's hand.

(i'll update about the event soon...)

As for those living in Albay, im inviting you all to come to the tribute...


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